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NONEMPTYMEMBER in ASO within CASE Statements

April 20 2012 at 4:35 PM
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Hi All,

I am facing with Two problems right now when using MDX.

1. I have a very complex formula on my Scenario where i calculate my FX. But, my FX calculation has lot of exceptions on few accounts say 20-30 and each account has a different calculation and for all the remaining There is a generic calculation. I used the below way to calculate

CASE WHEN IS([Accounts].CurrentMember,[Account1]) THEN
([Actual] - ([Actual],[AccountF1]))*([Actual],[FX Rate])
WHEN IS([Accounts].CurrentMember,[Account2]) OR IS([Accounts].CurrentMember,[Account2]) THEN
([Actual] - ([Actual],[AccountG1]))*([Actual],[FX Rate])
and so on...
I am retrieving around 2000+ Accounts and it is taking around 3 1/2 Minutes.

I have seen most of the Presentations of not to use CurrentMember but I couldn't get any other way to write this.

2. Now, I thought to use NONEMPTYMEMBER in this to reduce my calculation time and i have written that as

CASE WHEN IS([Accounts].CurrentMember,[Account1]) THEN
([Actual] - ([Actual],[AccountF1]))*([Actual],[FX Rate])

This is giving me an error. I am not sure if i can use NONEMPTYMEMBER within a case statement. I have also tried NONEMPTYMEMBER [Account1] and it still throwed me an error. Can i use NONEMPTYMEMBER within a CASE statement?

I tried simply as

([Actual] - ([Actual],[AccountF1]))*([Actual],[FX Rate])
and it didn't give me any errors.

If i cannot use the NONEMPTYMEMBER in CASE statement is there any other way that i can achieve the same?

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