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Hyperion Planning Certification Questions

June 6 2012 at 1:27 PM
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Yesterday, I took Hyperion Planning Certification exam. Questions was really tricky. Thankfully i passed it, but I came cross many questions which i would like to discuss with you guys. I read Hyperion Planning Admin Guide and Looks Smater than you are with Hyperion Planning book. I still dont know what is the currect answer to these questions. I would appriate any feedback.

The budget office analyst need to enter and plan data, use the planning spreading feature that allow users to spread budget data based on last year’s actuals, and modify data forms. What two roles should be provisioned for this user?

a.Grid Spread
c.Interactive users
d.Mass Allocate
e.Offline user

Which three components can be changed after the creation of the planning application?
a.Number of years
b.Names of plan types
c.Number of plan types
d.Initialization of WFP or CapEx planning modules
e.Weekly distribution spread
f.Year dimension Name
g.Default currency

What four read or write security assignments allow end users to be able to view at least some data?
a.At least one member in the Scenario dimension
b.At least one member in the version dimension
c.At least one member in the period dimension
d.At least on member in the account dimension
e.At least one member in the entity dimension
f.If security has been assigned for a custom dimension, at least one member in the user defined custom dimension

you have a measure in your accounts dimension for “price”. Price is input by user (along with Units). Sates is calculated as units * price. Identify the two correct properties that should be assigned to price to meet this requirement.
a. ~
b. ^
c. Stored
d. Dynamic Calc
e. Dynamic Calc and Sotre

Identify the true statement about custom menus
a.Custom menus can provide links to data forms. Business rules, URLs and planning preferences
b.Custom menus require Java scripting knowledge to create
c.You can assign security to custom menus so that only specific users or groups can see the custom menu
d.Custom menus are assigned to data forms only
e.Custom menus are limited to a single list of tasks; you cannot group them into sub categories

A Planner is supposed to be able to submit data within a data form but the data form all the possible causes for and end user not being able to center data on a data forms?
a.The planning unit is set to first pass
b.Another user owns the planning units
c.The user has read access to the members in data forms
d.The form contains summary level members in a bottom up version
e.The form is set to read only

Hyperion planning administrator needs to run several calculation in a specific order against two different databases within the application. Identify the two options that are not valid
b.Calc Script
c.Business Rules Sequence
e.Business Rule Macro

Identify the three true statements about weekly distribution
a.For weekly distribution options 445,454,544, the quarterly values are treated as if they are divided into 13 weeks and the weeks are distributed via a pattern you specify
b.The only valid weekly distribution options are 445, 454,544
c.If you select the 4-5-4 weekly distribution option, planning treats the first month in the quarter as if it has 4 weeks , the second month as if it has 5 weeks, and third month as if it has 4 weeks.
d.If you choose weekly distribution for custom-based time periods. Planning will not distribute the data values across base periods
e.Weekly distribution determines how data entered into summary periods should spread to its base periods

Identify the one planning component that is not an accessible over the web
a.Dimension editor for planning
b.Shared services
c.Exchange rates definition
d.Planning utilities
e.Create and manage database options
f.Create data sources

Planning utilizes which type of database store data (for example, “The numbers”)?
a.Block storage option essbase database
b.Aggregate storage option essbase database
c.Relation database
d.XOLAP Database
e.Proprietary Database

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