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FDM - Integration IMPORT script failed

July 3 2012 at 8:42 AM
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I am trying to create a import integration script which i took from the FDM admin guide...and i am trying to pull data from Oracle table...

But i am getting error as "Data access error" and its in the below line when i try to execute the code form the workbench...but when i use the import button in the web its importing....i beleive its somethign related to the STRWORKTABLENAME and somewhere i read that i need to declare the function FARSTABLE...but i dont know how as i am pretty novice to that....can you please help me....

Set rsAppend = DW.DataAccess.farsTable(strWorkTableName)


Below is the complete code i am using

Function SI_ActualLoad(strLoc, lngCatKey, dblPerKey, strWorkTableNam)
'Oracle Hyperion FDM IMPORT Integration Script:
'Created By: admin
'Date Created: 2012-06-01 01:19:02
Dim cnSS 'ADO connection Object
Dim strSQL 'SQL String
Dim rs 'Source system recordset
Dim rsAppend 'Hyperion FDM recordset
Dim monthvar

'Initialize ADO objects
Set cnSS = CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
Set rs = CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
'Open Hyperion FDM work table recordset For appending

'Set rsappend = DW.DataAccess.farsTableAppend(strWorkTableName)
'Connect To Oracle database (our data source)
Dim strConn
strConn="Provider=ORAOLEDB.ORACLE.1;Data Source=EMDDS392:1521/DEVDBEMD;Database=DEVDBEMD;User id=xxxxxxx;Password=xxxxx" strConn

'Create source query String

strSQL = "Select * "
strSQL = strSQL & "from EGETLDB.STG_SAP_ACTUALS where period =SUBSTR(TO_CHAR(SYSDATE-90,'MONTH'),1,5)"
'Open source recordset
rs.Open strSQL, cnSS
'Check For data In source system
If rs.bof And rs.eof Then
'Give Error message
RES.PlngActionType = 2
RES.PstrActionValue = "No records To load!"
'Assign Return value of Function
SI_ActualLoad = False ' Assign return value of function

Exit Function
End If

'Loop through source records In database And append To
'Hyperion FDM work table
If Not rs.bof And Not rs.eof Then
Do While Not rs.eof
rsAppend.Fields("PartitionKey") = RES.PlngLocKey
rsAppend.Fields("CatKey") = RES.lngCatKey
rsAppend.Fields("PeriodKey") = RES.dblPerKey
rsAppend.Fields("DataView") = "YTD"
rsAppend.Fields("CalcAcctType") = 9
rsAppend.Fields("Amount") = rs.fields("GROUPCURRENCY").Value
rsAppend.Fields("Account") =UCase(rs.fields("ACCOUNT").Value)
rsAppend.Fields("Entity") = UCase(rs.fields("ENTITY").Value)
rsAppend.Fields("UD1") = UCase(rs.fields("SCENARIO").Value)
rsAppend.Fields("UD2") = rs.fields("VERSION").Value
rsAppend.Fields("UD3") = rs.fields("CURRENCY").Value
rsAppend.Fields("UD4") = rs.fields("TRANS_CURRENCY").Value
rsAppend.Fields("UD5") = rs.fields("ZONE").Value
rsAppend.Fields("UD6") = rs.fields("CATEGORY").Value
rsAppend.Fields("UD7") = rs.fields("SCHEDULE").Value
rsAppend.Fields("UD8") =UCase(rs.fields("DEPT_PRJCTS").Value)
rsAppend.Fields("UD9") =rs.fields("WBSELEMENT").Value
rsAppend.Fields("UD10") = rs.fields("DOC_DETAIL").Value
rsAppend.Fields("UD11") = rs.fields("BUSINESS_TRANSACTION").Value
rsAppend.Fields("UD12") = rs.fields("VENDOR_NAME").Value
rsAppend.Fields("UD13") =rs.fields("RECOVERYINDICATOR").Value
rsAppend.Fields("UD14") = rs.fields("TRANSAMOUNT").Value
rsAppend.Fields("UD15") = rs.fields("GROUPCURRENCY").Value
rsAppend.Fields("UD16") = rs.fields("SEGMENTNO").Value
rsAppend.Fields("UD17") = rs.fields("PARTNEROBJECT").Value
rsAppend.Fields("UD18") =rs.fields("PO").Value
rsAppend.Fields("UD19") = rs.fields("QUANTITY_UOM").Value
rsAppend.Fields("UD20") = rs.fields("DESCRIPTION").Value
rsAppend.Fields("DESC1") = rs.fields("ACCOUNT_DESCRIPTION").Value

End If
'Give success message
RES.PlngActionType = 6
RES.PstrActionValue = "SQL Import successful!"
'Assign Return value
SI_ActualLoad = True

End Function

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