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migrate essbase data from to

July 31 2012 at 3:13 AM
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I have a cube from essbase database version (entire folder in the filesystem) that includes all files .ind,.pag,.db, otl etc

Now I need to use this data again in an application - same application but different envrionment. So I created a new application with the same name in and migrated all files (.ind,.pag,.db,.dbb,.otl,.csc) from the folder of the old application.

I know i can export data and import it again to the new app on the new server..but i cannot do this as i donot have access to the old server anymore..

Is there a way i can extract data from ind and pag files and load it in my new app without accessing the old server..

Not sure but will just copy pasting .ind,.pag,.db,.dbb,.otl and anyother file to the new app help ?

Any pointers on whether this method or any other method is possible will be appreciated. Also, I posted this in OTN discussion forums but no one is replying out there.

Thanks in Advance!!!

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