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Re: Y-T-D with fixed values

February 20 2013 at 2:54 PM
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Response to Y-T-D with fixed values

When handling dynamic calculations, Essbase runs the Sparse dynamic calcs BEFORE the Dense dynamic calcs.

The YTD values are being calculated before it executes your "Billing Days" formula. As a result, it's adding #MI Billing Days to get the YTD values. #MI + #MI = #MI.

My suggestion would be to change "Billing Days" to a stored member and have a new Dynamic Calc member (eg: "Billing Days 2") point to it. (Or rename the members so that "Billing Days" remains Dynamic Calc but it points to a stored member.)

You can change your Time dimension to Dense. But I wouldn't recommend it as there's usually a reason for someone to set Time to Sparse. Check with that person. Maybe it was set on a whim.

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