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Re: Member worked in Smart View, but throws a dialog box in IE

October 14 2013 at 5:54 PM
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Christian M. 
from IP address

Response to Member worked in Smart View, but throws a dialog box in IE

... Sometime..if you desire something very figure out the way to have it done by yourself!!! :)

Joking aside...nobody from Oracle gave me any info.

We had a very strong need to fix on the dimension we have on row and drive this from a user variable...

Im as well from the old school..OFA/express... so I started to make some tests and investigations and a bit of intuition helped as well.
Honestly I don t remember what made me think of trying this configuration but I saw that the system was using the &variablename somewhere... ah..yes.. I remember now... I think it s in the member selection menu in the planning app when u want to make a selection.. you will see &variablename :)
(Can t check it now)

then I did 2+2 = 4 :)

Regarding MemberS instead of Memeber to hide the window... just tried all the possibility as I was desperate!!! ;)

I agree with you that this can have huge impacts on systems design and,on the other side, I still did not understand why Oracle did not provide yet an official way of doing this.. it s a question I m asking since I saw hyperion the first time..

I honeslty think that it's a bug..but a good one this time.. :)


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