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Re: Where to start?

March 24 2017 at 12:25 PM
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Mike Henderson 
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Response to Re: Where to start?

>Some dimensions don't need to be calculated for one reason or another.


In my experience, nobody ever cares to see the rollups of Years, Scenarios, or Versions. These are typically small, non-aggregating sparse dimensions.

It is also common to set Dense dimensions (typically Period and Account) to roll up dynamically at retrieve time because all of the necessary info is present in the data block your user has pulled ... computers do math quickly but fetch blocks from memory slowly. If the block has all the info, let it compute at retrieve time.

So ... use CALCDIM to roll up only the **aggregating** Sparse dimensions while setting Dense dims to do their stuff dynamically. It seriously improves calc performance with no loss of retrieve speed.

Another item is I believe CALC DIM allows us to specify the order in which dimensions are calculated. CALCALL does them in outline order only.

A last thought ... consider using AGG instead of CALC, especially if your dimension has no member formulas. AGG is often faster since it ignores member formulas and simply rolls up according to the outline consolidation operators.

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