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Which brings all of this back to RTM

March 28 2017 at 10:33 AM
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Cameron Lackpour 
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Response to Actually!

I get it -- multidimensional is a bit off-putting in the beginning. I know that I had to build my first System W (OMG, on a mainframe) database to well and truly get it. I suspect you are doing the same. I don't know how to describe the full understanding of a multidimensional array but when it clicks, it clicks.

The difference between the early 1990s and today is that there are now:
-- Presentations (free)
-- Webinars (free)
-- Books (practically so and pirated everywhere although I'm not suggesting the latter)
-- Blogs (free)
-- Helpful people on nessage boards (free, see this thread)
-- Conferences (to be fair, there were vendor conferences back then but they were exercises in sales)
-- Who knows what else (dunno, make it up as it suits you)

And documentation. Here's a great bit on understanding how multidimensionality works:

And another bit on calculation order:

This isn't to pick on you, Sameer, it's just that you'll likely get a less disjointed view of things if you RTM. I am assuming that you did not given the nature of your question. If you didn't, go to it. If you did, you might want to think about reading it again. You'll get answers here but by a messageboard's nature there are all (sometimes informative, sometimes entertaining, sometimes both) sorts of responses.

Again, this is not a dig at you -- just some food for thought.


Cameron Lackpour

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