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It depends...

June 2 2017 at 10:58 AM
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Response to Question for SV trainers


This one is a pain, I have to admit! I really wish they hadn't moved that option out of the Essbase Options dialog box...

A few suggestions:

1. Are they familiar with the idea of using aliases vs. member names in general? If not, explain that.

2. Go over the ribbon option of selecting the alias table *before* you go over the Options dialog. If that throws off the order of your presentation, then just skip that option and tell them "we'll come back to that later".

3. Have them flip back and forth between aliases and member names using the ribbon command.

4. Once they're comfortable with that, ask if they would ever need to display both member name and alias for row headers. This will (obviously) vary from user to user and also will depend if you have member names included in your aliases. For example, at our company we might have location "L12345" with the alias "12345 - Chicago Sales", so the usefulness of the "Member Name and Alias" option is lessened.

5. If the feature is not useful to them, just tell them to leave it at the default and ignore it (like a lot of the other options!).

6. If it could be useful, present it as an option that is separate from the "Set Alias" command, and feel free to tell them, "Yes, this is confusing."

If your training includes handouts, you could include a couple of simple examples of reports using the combinations of the two commands.

Hope this helps!

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