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Re: Struggles

June 2 2017 at 3:25 PM
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Jeff McAhren 
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Response to Struggles

I think it comes down to a lot of little things. A couple of examples:

On the subject of aliases, the Planning connection type cannot do "member name and alias", users must pick one or the other. The HFM connection type *can* do "member name and alias, but it concatenates them together in one cell with a dash in between, and it does it for every single member on the ad-hoc (not just the row dimension(s)). Essbase, as we know, givees a column for the member names and another for the aliases, but for only the row dimension(s). None of this is intuitive configure (as documented in this thread). You can type member names directly on an adhoc grid, and Essbase will recognize it, and change it to the alias when refreshing (i.e., type P01, and after refreshing, it is "Jan"). HFM can not, it throws an error. When every connection type functions different, it can be frustrating for users.

Another one is the POV toggle button that hides/unhides row 1, but only for the Essbase connection type. We instruct users not to use the POV bar, but they do anyway, and they inadvertently delete members from the page when deleting columns, or they duplicate members when copying columns, which results in errors that they cannot troubleshoot themselves. The other connection types have the POV toggle too, but they don't hide row 1, or place the POV members on the ad-hoc worksheet. I know this sounds minor, but it's the 100 little things like it that make Smart View difficult to use.

BTW, what do you think about the drop down buttons on POV members.. like or dislike?

We've also fought some bugs. We add a few hundred new construction projects to the entity dimension each month. We trained users that if they have projects on the rows in their ad-hoc, they need to zoom out on to the division or office level, and zoom back in to catch the new projects that have been added since last month. But when zooming back in, a Smart View bug caused it to add (x) rows between each member, where x equals he number of rows in the last grid. After zooming, users only saw one entity, and didn't realize they had 200, but they had 175 blank rows between each one. So they had to create a new ad-hoc each time, or clear Smart View metadata.

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