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Alternative option with Drillbridge

June 13 2017 at 1:21 PM
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Jason Jones 
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Response to Re: Migrate what exactly?

Hi AU,

When you refer to migrating EAS cubes to Studio, do you mean EIS instead of EAS? EIS was the predecessor to Essbase Studio. EAS is just an admin tool. If your cubes aren't currently being built with EIS then migrating to Essbase Studio can be a lot of work.

Something else you might look into is to use Drillbridge. As with the well known Outline Extractor, Drillbridge is available as a free tool (there is also a licensed version with support and more features for companies that need it).

With Drillbridge, you can leave your cubes exactly how they are. You then create drill-through definitions for the cube (Drillbridge helps with this) and then let Drillbridge handle the process of translating from your the cube's outline to a relational query that returns the data. Drillbridge can perform upper level drill-through, drill on more than 1000 different items (even circumventing the Oracle 1000 item limit in IN clauses), make columns drillable, automatically format/hyperlink entries, and more. The only real requirement is that you have relational data somewhere that Drillbridge can query on. So in the case of your flat files you might need to load those to a relational table to be able to query on that.

The free version of Drillbridge can be downloaded from the Applied OLAP website (in addition to the Outline Extractor and other tools).

Hope that helps,

Jason Jones

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