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Could not agree more

June 14 2017 at 12:34 AM
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Response to FDMEE's drill

We've spent a long time pushing FDMEE \ Data management as far as it will go, the following downsides still exist:
- Drilling from upper levels is a hack job
- The format is terrible and virtually impossible to change
- the 'best' format is to concat transaction detail together to a single field - but this then means filtering on these fields is impossible.
- performance of even medium volumes starts to suffer. 1m rows upwards is very very slow.

This compared to even just the community edition of drillbridge where:
- Upper level drillthrough is a check box (and it literally has the java api pulling the hierarchy from essbase directly)
- Reports start nicely formatted and then can be reformmated using CSS
- Alternative hierarchies and mappings are supported
- the source tables can be actually optimised for the queries

The only real advantage is that, for PBCS, licensing is included in the cost of the user license.

On-premises, where you need to purchase FDMEE licenses for every drillthrough user, even though they will never use any of the other FDMEE features, it's a complete slam dunk for drillbridge.

And unless you're very good with Essbase Studio, and have the data already formatted, you're going to spend a lot more time and money getting that working.

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