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Lack of strategic thinking

June 15 2017 at 4:57 AM
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Response to No good tips for IE 11 perf

Sadly, the browser situation has been a long time coming, and there were plenty of signs that IE wasn't a reliable partner. Some of the reasons are:

- Tied to OS upgrades
- EPM can't keep up with pace of updates in the broser world. By the time IE9 was certified with EPM, IE10 was already out
- Targeting more dynamic, speedier browser was an "easy" way to increase speed as perceived by users. Innovation was dead on IE6, Firefox / Chrome / Safari have been pushing the limits of browser speed and capabilities since 2008 at least. That's almost 10 years to this date, plenty of time to steer your ship away from a legacy platform.

What John says it's true though, many IT shops ONLY allow IE. Still, it would have been smarter for Oracle to target new browsers FIRST (make sure everything works great with Firefox/Safari/Chrome) then ensure 100% compatibility with "legacy" browser such as IE

If you compare any modern web app (basecamp, gmail, anaplan to name a few) to Oracle's latest offering (PBCS, or any new cloud app), the difference in responsiveness, capabilities and user-friendliness is just striking. And so so sad.

I've trained many people in EPM products over the last 5 years, and you can't imagine how many times I've gotten comments such as "this is the least user friendly app I've ever seen", or "this feels so old", or "this is so confusing, why so many clicks?"

As a relentless optimist, I'm still waiting for things to change for the better. Even though PBCS simplified UI was, to me, another missed oportunity.

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  1. Thanks for your Inputs - MyJim on Jun 18, 2017, 10:22 PM

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