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4 Guns for sale.....

June 9 2009 at 7:12 PM
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John  (Login JG1966)

I am going to be selling 4 of my guns here in the near future to fund purchase of a new gun. The guns I have all work very well but I dont really shoot them too much any more and I really think that they need to be enjoyed by someone who will use them rather than sit in my closet. Here is the list and notes on each gun. I am working on getting a camera to use to take pics..... if I can get one before Roald gets back from vacation then I will post pics if I cant then hehe I will use his and will be up in a week or so.

#1. My pride and joy springer style. B26-2 .177(thumbhole stock version), it has a maccari tune kit and seal in it. I cut the cheek rest of the stock down so I could use a 1 piece medium mount. This is a common issue with the thumbhole stocks. It has a very sweet shot cycle hard to explain unless shot but it comes very close to an R9. Gun will include Golden Antler scope and mediumn 1 piece mount. I just went into my indoor shooting range and did a 10 shot string with 7.9gr cphp's. Price $150.00 US. Buyer pays for shipping.

1. 853.6 6. 862.4 Max FPS deviation 12.6 fps
2. 853.5 7. 855.7 Average FPS = 854
3. 850.7 8. 849.8 Average FPE = 12.79 ft/lbs
4. 856.1 9. 850.3
5. 851.6 10. 856.3

#2. My first Co2 rifle. QB78D .177 Tuned by Mike Mellick. I added an aluminum barrel shroud and MB. It is very neighborhood friendly. It also comes with a Golden Antler Scope and high rings. 10 shot string with 7.9gr cphp's. 75 degrees inside house. Price $150.00 US. Buyer pays shipping.

1. 799.5 6. 801.8 Max FPS Deviation 4.9 fps
2. 800 7. 799.4 Average FPS 799.81
3. 801.5 8. 797.2 Average FPE 11.22 ft/lbs
4. 799 9. 798.6
5. 802.1 10. 799

#3. My second custom crosman project. CR2240 .22 This gun was started but hasnt been finished off yet. Meaning that the insides are totally stock. I may have put a lighter valve spring in it I cant remember. As the gun sits now it has:
Crosman steel Breech
14" barrel
poly tubing transfer port
Grant Stace wide brass trigger (8mm) Price $200.00 US. Buyer pays shipping.
Cocobolo target grips by Rick
10 shot string with 14.3gr Benjamin round nose.

1. 508.5 6. 507 Max FPS Deviation 8.3 fps
2. 507.1 7. 504.3 Avergae FPS 507.75
3. 505.9 8. 509.8 Average FPE 8.18 ft/lbs
4. 505.1 9. 510.5
5. 506.7 10. 512.6

#4. Last but not least my first custom crosman project. CR1322(Phase 2) I started to make a long stroke pumper rifle out of this gun but other things have sidetracked my attention. The piston and valve have been flat topped. As the gun sits now it has:
RJ Machine RH regular breech
Grant Stace Brass Trigger
24" barrel
Adjustable Piston Flat Topped
Valve Flat Topped
Poly Tube Transfer port
If you want to carry on the project I do have the required cr140/1400 pump arm assy. I dont have a tube but you can get them for a reasonable price to modify and finish. Price $130.00 US. Buyer pays shipping.
10 shot string with 14.3 gr Benjamin round nose. 10 Pumps.

1. 555 6. 559.2 Max FPS Deviation 8.3 fps
2. 554.5 7. 562.8 Average FPS 558.13
3. 556.3 8. 562.5 Average FPE 9.89 ft/lbs
4. 556.2 9. 559.6
5. 556.2 10. 559

You can e-mail me at or call me after 3pm central time during the week at (940)902-5436. Thanks for looking and reading.


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