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Below is a portion of the transcript from the 2006 irregularities which was deleted.

September 8 2007 at 9:09 AM
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"A Call for Apostolic Bloggers"
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Rena Palma said...
Dear Brother Zamora:

In response to your letter, I ask you the following question:

What are we, members of the Apostolic Assembly, supposed to do? Lay back, shut up and take it?

While elections are allegedly fixed, while a Member of the National Board was never held accountable
for his Financial Fraud of several dozen members of the Asamblea, eg Mr. Edward Pacheco, are we just
to simply sit back and pray that Justice happens?

If you recall, Faith involves not only a positive belief, but also involves action. This present
action may not sit well with you, but it is action that others whom have faith that "Justice" will
be done.

You challenge those who are bold but hesitate to afix their name to the call for justice. Here, I
show my support for those who are standing up and will join them in their protest. Furthermore,
should the Apostolic Assembly Bylaws have a form of Impeachment for its standing Board, then I
support the Impeachment of our National Bishop President, Daniel Sanchez, and Mr. Edward Pacheco.


Henry Palma

September 3, 2007 1:10 PM
September 3, 2007 10:13 PM
Anonymous said...
Bro Palma

Do you have proof of Pacheco Financial Fraud, anyone willing to tell us what happen?
September 4, 2007 2:19 PM
Rena Palma said...
E-mail Bro. Henry Palma
September 4, 2007 2:34 PM
Anonymous said...
What the author of the website has done is greatly appreciated by many people. The ones who are really not happy about it are the ones who committed violations and those who would turn their eyes away from the injustices and ignore them. This website brings balance, because previously the GB had a great advantage. They were communicating their side of the story to all the Pastors and saying anything they wanted at the District Conventions, but the website has provided a level field where everyone has an opportunity to present their point of view and facts about the what actually happened. As everyone can tell by now, the GB version is very different from what other people have seen and heard. So Brother Author of the Website, you are very much appreciated by many of us.
September 4, 2007 3:47 PM
Anonymous said...
Some pastors are telling us that the GB gave a powerful powerpoint presentation at District Conventions to explain the mess we are in. Why we continue arguing the issue if they already explain their minds with this powerpoint? why we need to go to court?
September 4, 2007 4:13 PM
Anonymous said...
They are giving explanations after the fact. Did you know the elections were in 2006? They are barely explaining all this, but it was never approved that they use in the way they have been using it. They made it up on their own. They have not applied it justly. They approved as candidates a person who does not have the church property in the Assembly's name and another official was elected who apparently hadn't tithed in two years. They barely approved a person in a district convention who had rebelled and left the Assembly and barely came back to run for elder and he was elected. There is no consistency whatsoever. Have you read all the letters and seen all the evidence? How can a simple Powerpoint explain all that away? The Powerpoint presentations are a weak attempt at damage control. They disqualified people like Brother Daniel Solomon and Juan Fortino without just reason. They had "Capacidad, Idoneidad, and Derecho." I hope Pastors are not being misled by fancy fast-talking at conventions by GB members. are you related to them?
September 4, 2007 4:25 PM
Anonymous said...
No, Im not related to them.
But do you think that going to court is necessary?
Is there any criminal situation here or only civil?
September 4, 2007 5:36 PM
Anonymous said...
Court is necessary because all attempts to settle in-house have been rejected by the GB. I have even been disrespectful to several of the men of God who have tried in a kind way to offer help and solutions. They have acted in a very proud manner. The bible says that pride comes before the fall. I am not at liberty to discuss details, but I assure you the GB has no defense whatsoever.
September 4, 2007 8:14 PM
Anonymous said...
Corretion: Not "I have been" but "They have been disrespectful."
September 4, 2007 8:15 PM
Anonymous said...
Here some of the words used in this ordeal.
Cid, injustices,surprise,amazement,shocking,disqualified,votes,sad,elections,headache,vengeance,damage,violating,disqualified,delicado,abuse,integrity,court,confrontation,costly,injurious,increible,control,engano,burla,Roadmap,fraude,triste,doloroso,renuncia,abuso,morale,credibility,
disgrace,embarrasment,indictment,intimitaded,fearful,fear,encrucijada,bias,favoritism,ignored,investigar,comision,custodian,bypassing,committee,unpleasantness,divisiveness,secular,respect,trust,callus,arrogant,sickening,disgusting,obvious,favoritism,cowardly,lawyers,lies,hypocrisy,conspirers,protests,underground,dictatorship,defend,vigorously,legalreprisals,counsel,disrespectful,proud,denied,attacked,persecuted,false,accusations,unprecedented,occurrences,unfortunate,credibility, nepotismo,severe,downfall,provoked,stricken,disarray,dilemma,monster,exploitation,authoritariam,thirst for power,absoluteness,financial fraud,blind lemmings,suffering,ordeal,hang,dreadful grip,wrong,excruciating pain,horrid pain,awful,criticized,thwart their efforts,avalanche,biased,booted out,fixed elections,impeachment,criminal,protest,bonsai,demand letter,going out,aggresive,nauseabundo,cara de tontos,cinismo,preposterous,questionable,manipulate,love power,take a sabbatical,tears,Sanchez/Espinoza
September 4, 2007 11:41 PM
Anonymous said...
Some more:
disgrace,embarrasment,indicment,fearful,fear,bias,encrucijada,favoritism,ignored,bypassing,unpleasantness,divisiveness,secular,extensive in-
for power.
In conclution someone needs to repent and resign.
September 5, 2007 1:51 AM
Anonymous said...
in conclusion
September 5, 2007 1:57 AM
Anonymous said...
...and so what, should or how are we to go about it?
September 5, 2007 7:38 AM
Anonymous said...
I totally disagree with the statement posted on August 27th 10:28 PM concerning Bishop Tafoya, I’ve read all his documents and nowhere do I read where he is upset or disrespecting his authorities. I also read the demand letter to the assembly from the attorney with the names of those bishops’s who are asking for a reelection. As you can see Bishop Tafoya’s name is not on that list. I do see his letter’s where he is asking for a commission of honor and justice article 39 of the constitution to investigate the 06 elections. By the way I’ve visited Glendale Community Church and its one of the most prosperous/Holy Ghost filled churches I’ve ever visited; there must have been well over 350 in attendance that Sunday. I suggest you go and see for yourself
September 5, 2007 8:04 AM
hmo mt said...
Obviously the author of this website has a mandate from those Ministers and Bishops that where not allowed to take office for whatever reasons.

However there are a few things I would like to point out.

1. Someone wrote referencing Matthew 18:15-17 which identifies a process when a brother trespasses against one another.
To be succint:
A. Confront him alone. If he does not hear you...
B. Take 2 witnesses so that the words maybe established. If he still doesn't hear you...
C. Tell it to the church.

I'm certain that Bro. Tafoya, Bro. Solomon, Bro. Baldemar and the others pushing this matter followed these guidelines and the GB heard and addressed them. However these Brothers DID NOT LIKE WHAT THEY HEARD and proceeded hastely to number three. The scripture doesn't say IF YOU DON'T LIKE WHAT THEY SAY then take it to the church. It simply says if he doesn't hear you take it to the church. Their concerns where heard and for whatever reason dismissed. I'm not for or against either but that is the fact.

2. Someone wrote "what is the least (lease)and the worst that could happen?

Well in all honesty the least that could happen is we let the LORD address the wrong doing and injustice(s) if there are any in this matter including those that are on these websites accusing the GB of doing. GOD has been doing pretty a good job of this so far. Clearly he says "Touch not my annointed and do my prophets no harm". Let's let GOD do what he does best and be the judge of our characters and intentions. After all; GOD's will, not some attorney or appeals court ruling, will be done. Whether you and I like it or not.

The worst that could happen is that our organization splits into two less effective, dysfunctional groups trying to compete for a smaller "market shares" of souls in the name of a group of men vying for a national board title.

In my opinion a larger united organization is more effective reaching larger market shares and in our case these would be souls.

I know our human nature is a very competitive and prideful one, even amongst pastors and bishops but I'm not sure this is what they meant by "Winning the lost AT ANY COST".
September 5, 2007 7:30 PM
Anonymous said...
"Touch not my annointed and do my prophets no harm".

Yes but how do we know if they are God's annointed or Man's appointed. It seems to me that we have more of the latter this days.
I still remembers Pastor's Romos sermon years ago at End Times.
"Prophets of the Lord or Prophets of the Land"
September 5, 2007 9:17 PM
Anonymous said...
Exactly we don't know.

hmo mt wrote
"Let's let GOD do what he does best and be the judge of our characters and intentions".

Let's not try to be God's arbitrator. We should continue God's work in reaching lost souls.
September 5, 2007 9:30 PM
Rena Palma said...
Anonymous said...

Subject: Re: Conozca a la “honorable” Asamblea Apostólica de la Fe en Cristo Jesús.

El inolvidable viernes 24 de Noviembre del 2006. El “irreprensible” Obispo
Presidente Daniel Sánchez; y el “irreprensible” Obispo Vicepresidente Samuel
Valverde. Cometieron uno de los fraudes electorales más descarados que se
hallan visto en la historia de nuestra pobre Iglesia. En esa semana de convención;
especialmente el “irreprensible” Vicepresidente Samuel Valverde, se llenó la
boca en las reuniones ministeriales. Hablando hipócritamente de que el ministro
debe de ser “irreprensible”. Pero al llegarse el día de dizque votar por los ocho
nuevos elementos que formarían la “irreprensible” nueva Mesa Directiva Nacional.
Los que se llenaban la boca diciendo que el ministro debe de ser “irreprensible”; y
que tuvieron el cinismo de escribir en un manual llamado “Restauración
Ministerial”: “Que el alto honor y privilegio del ministro apostólico, exige una
vida ejemplar del hombre que ocupa dicho ministerio; bla; bla; bla”. Nos mintieron;
nos vieron la cara de tontos sin ningún temor de Dios; haciéndonos votar como
tontos. Mientras los “irreprensibles” Sánchez y Valverde ponían a sus escogidos y
familiares (el nauseabundo antibíblico y anticristiano nepotismo).
Violando nuestra
Constitución (la cual usan como papel sanitario). Poniendo a ministros con super
minoría de votos. El “irreprensible” Samuel Valverde poniendo “a su primito”
Eduardo Pacheco como Secretario General. Pero qué se puede esperar de Samuel
Valverde (a
quien lástima que la iglesia de Fontana, Ca., donde es “irreprensible”
Pastor; no lo conozcan en realidad). Quien cuando en el pasado quisieron ponerlo
Como Secretario de Educación Cristiana; no le importó ser “irreprensible” o íntegro;
aceptando “la designación”, cuando no llenaba los requisitos de nuestra Constitución.
Ya que nunca había sido Anciano ni Obispo. Y su primito Eduardo Pacheco; en el
pasado se vió envuelto en un fraude de carros estando de Pastor en Fontana, Ca. Y lo
premiaron enviándolo como “irreprensible” Misionero Supervisor al país de Chile.
Ya de regreso, lo volvieron a premiar “designándolo” como Obispo Secretario de
Misiones, o sea; quedando como miembro de la Mesa Directiva Nacional. Violándose
la Constitución; ya que nunca había sido Anciano ni Obispo. Este es “el primito
irreprensible” que ahora el “irreprensible” Samuel Valverde mete fraudulentamente
como Secretario General. ¡Qué otra cosa se puede esperar de
hipócritas usurpadores
ilegítimos como éstos! ¡Cuál era el problema un fraude más ahora en Noviembre
pasado! Y ya de las dizque votaciones que siguieron después: “Ni para que hablar”.
Ahora, los “irreprensibles” Presidente Sánchez y Vicepresidente Valverde, continúan
con el cinismo y la burla de enviarnos una circular, en donde nos citan para continuar
con su famoso programa “Road Map”. Es decir; las conferencias que nos dan para
tener “Pastores Sanos”. Cuando nos mienten; nos ven la cara de tontos; nos cometen
fraude. Y todavía tienen el descaro y la falta de temor de Dios de convocarnos para
“convertirnos en Pastores y Ministros sanos”. Pero como dice el dicho: “No tiene la
culpa el indio; sino el que lo hace compadre”. Por eso estamos como estamos, porque
nadie les pone un alto como si se tratara de dioses infalibles. Y los que pudieran
hacerlo, se detienen, porque como desgraciadamente también buscan una
pues, “no se quieren quemar” (con razón Cristo habla de quererse vomitar en Apoc. 3).
Oren por nosotros, porque ahora, el “irreprensible” Samuel Valverde, aspira a ser
Presidente dentro de 4 años. Pero Dios, por algo permite las cosas. Porque esto que
nos permitió ver a muchos; quienes son en realidad “los irreprensibles” Sánchez
y Valverde. Y con esta tremenda chamuscada que se ha dado Valverde: “Adiós
Presidencia”. Esta es parte de nuestra triste y lamentable situación, de nuestra “honorable”
Asamblea Apostólica de la Fe en Cristo Jesús, con oficinas generales en 10807 Laurel
Street, Rancho Cucamonga California. (909) 987-3013.

Ah! Y de aquí en adelante, que no nos sorprenda el recibir
sorpresitas con la "irreprensibilidad" que tienen para tomar
decisiones estos "irreprensibles" miembros de nuestra
Honorable???? Fraudulenta!!!!!! Mesa Directiva Nacional.

Sabemos que trataran de pararnos y desacreditar esta carta pero invitamos a los hermanos que reciban este e-mail a que busquen la verdad, comuníquense con hermanos que estuvieron presente y fueron testigos de este fraude, no se dejen engañar por la “honorable” mesa directiva que al final de cuenta, como toda persona que comete fraude, se defenderán como fieras y trataran de intimidarnos y hacernos sentir mal usando el nombre de Dios en vano para seguir como siempre poniéndonos el pie en el cuello.

Abusivos y deshonesto miembros de la Mesa Directiva: Que la vergüenza e ira de Dios caiga sobre ustedes!!

September 2, 2007 11:31 PM
September 5, 2007 11:12 PM
Anonymous said...
if he doesn't hear you take it to the church.
Court is necessary because all attempts to settle in-house have been rejected by the GB.
If he does not hear you...the concerns were never,never HEARD They have acted in a very proud manner.Have you read all the letters and seen all the evidence?

Tell it to the church
September 6, 2007 2:19 AM
Anonymous said...
My fellow Apostolic I have taken a position. I completely feel that these Brothers have done everything possible to settle this. Having to take legal action is a last resort which inevitably was the only choice these Pastor's were left with. I am just saying that the other comment that was posted should be well informed about what is going on. This Pastor's are not trying to divide the church they are doing it for a just cause. I fully believe that God uses men to keep his order and when this order is disrupted God will rise up others to take their place so that they can lead his people to the right path. Saul disobeyed God's will so God brought up another his own to correct the Mistake. So I fully agree with you. I believe the Pastor's have the right to know. They are after all the Pastoral BODY.
September 6, 2007 9:06 AM
Rena Palma said...
Question - Is there a real site
for ex- apostolics? I grew up
in church and attended the
christian school's at Santa Anita
and East L.A. I really didn't care
for the culture. Teachers kept
putting me back half a grade each
year I came back to school. They
lacked in teaching skills. I came back to public school in bad shape. Some of the people posting should have a place to talk about their experience with others. This site is for the rigged election and evidence of fraud. Let me know.
Rena Palma
September 6, 2007 1:06 PM
Anonymous said...
September 6, 2007 4:33 PM
Anonymous said...
The GB does have evidence. There are Reasons why Bro Solomon and Bro Fortino were disqualified. they tried to keep the info in house, but going to court and websites like this will force it to all come out,and of course Bro Tafoya is going to try and look like an Angel, it's his website, and Saul Avila is the webmaster. No one has answered the question. I hope everyone is ready for the evidence to come out about a few of the Ex-Bishops involved. It's not pretty. It could of been avoided, but once again I believe God is weeding out the Assembly. May God Bless the GB.
September 6, 2007 9:54 PM
Anonymous said...
Give the reasons why bro Solomon and Bro Fortino were disqualified.
You have none, dont try to scare us
is not Holloween yet.
And this is not Bro Tafoya website.This site was not created at the control, request, or encouragement of any Pastor, Bishop or General Board member. Please refrain from false accusations.
SHOW US THE EVIDENCE! again you have none.
This are men of INTEGRITY!
September 6, 2007 10:39 PM
Anonymous said...
Bro Tafoya is upset because he is not on the General really think he is going to look like nothing but an innocent angel on these blogs and websites? Who ever said that the GB is making comments around the general office can you please elaborate? Also, how do you know that the GB has made said in private that they are wrong? Please explain, I would love to hear how you know that?
September 6, 2007 11:10 PM
Anonymous said...
Although I don’t agree there are valid reasons to DQ Bro. Solomon & Bro. Fortino, anything is possible. My question is twofold. If a MOG is a sitting GB member, and is not qualified to be on the board, why not remove him? And second if you intend to DQ a GREAT MOG like Bro Fortino, who has probably accomplished more in his ministry that most of the current board members combined, how can you qualify a ‘MOG’ that uses other preachers sermons instead of praying for inspiration from God OR his cousin with a past record of fraud and current questionable dealings from within his local church OR a ‘MOG’ who falsely accused a National Junior leader and sent a letter to government agencies to attempt to discredit their work??????

If there is so much ‘evidence’ about so many MOG, why are they still ministering? They should take a break to be renewed. And I don’t mean – Go to South America to avoid a scandal for running a pyramid scheme. I mean sit in the pews and be ministered to.

Who ever it is that voiced their opinion about ‘The GB does have evidence’ you really should get your facts straight before making accusations. The Brothers mentioned do not own/host/create/update the website. This I can say with certainty
September 7, 2007 6:20 AM
Anonymous said...
Brother Avila(webmaster), I've been watching this site from the day it started. With all do respect my brother, stop responding to every comment that is contrary to your position. Let others respond. If in fact this site is set up to the let church voice their opinion then let the church voice their opinion whether you agree with it or not.

Moderate with an open mind.

There is can be a good course of dialogue here and we can all learn from it. If you feel that this is not a proper venue to freely and openly discuss then we should create that forum.

Brother it's not that I disagree with you. But your remarks are obviously very biased and I for one would like to hear both sides of the issue from more than one person, unless this site is not intended for open discussion and only a dissemination point for propaganda.

I would like to see a section of this blog open setup to discuss the various areas:

Future Growth of the Assembly
Election Irregularties
Legal Implications
Local Church Impact
September 7, 2007 9:19 AM
Anonymous said...
To the person of 9:19 am
Legal Implications...
That I believe is a good subject to discuss.
What is youre opinion if this brothers go to court?
I dont think Bro Avila is the webmaster, why you believe so?Please explain
September 7, 2007 9:34 AM
Anonymous said...
To Apostolic news Webmaster... let us know if any of the men of Integrity are Manipulating you!
Who are you?
September 7, 2007 9:46 AM
Anonymous said...
I have personally seen Bro. Avila's writing. Although the brother here operating this web site writes well. It is not Bro. Avila's style of writing. They are both very articulate in the way they write but I sincerely believe it is not him.
September 7, 2007 10:18 AM
Anonymous said...
I don't know what the brother that wrote the 9:19 comment meant or what insight he has however in reality we are not a large organization. But in our organization we do have incestuous relationships, and I don't mean incestuous in the improper sexual meaning. What I mean for example is that my cousin married this hermanos daughter who is cousins with sister so and so who got divorced from brother so and so who is working with brother so and so's music ministry who just left pastor so and so's church to help with brother so and so's new work.

We are a small network of people. There is that concept of 7 degrees of separation. I think in the assembly we can do 2 degrees of separation from any other person in our organization. Especially if you are a 4th or 5th generation apostolic like quit bit of us are.

We tend to think we are large and in charge but we serve a very small segment (someone said "spec") of over the overall christian influence in the world. Think of how may people live on the earth, 6.7 billion. Our church size is approximately, on a good sunday - 130,000 which is about .000002% of the earth's popuation (on a good sunday).

Satan is the author of chaos and if he can divide the spec (opportunity) GOD has given, us we will never be able to effectively reach the lost and only continue cannibalizing each other.

I once read that a persons religious influence only reaches his 3rd generation. Well we are in our 5th generation. Maybe we are fortunate we have had that long of a legacy. I am very sad to see our bright, talented and educated move away because of our lack of ability to maintain their desire and need to grow.

We always criticize them saying they are losing their holiness standards and giving into the world, but their ministries are prospering reaching the lost souls of this world.

It has always stayed in my mind that we, the .000002% of the population, think that we are the foremost experts on GOD's word and neglect to look outside to gather insight.

I recently had an experience where I was having a bible study with a JW. To make a long story short, we agreed that we where talking apples and orange because my bible says one thing and their bible is translated a different way (stripping the diety away from christ). We both agreed that until we could decide which translation was correctly transcribed our discussions where hollow. Because I could not address the original greek text with anyone in our assembly, I called a priest from a local greek orthodox church. I let him know my situation with the JW and my need for help with translating the original greek manuscripts. I was literally blown away with his knowledge GOD's word. I always felt confident to discuss the word with anyone on any level, but when talking to him I felt intimidated and in awe of his knowledge God's word and ability to disect the scriptures. And he didn't try to persuade me away from my beliefs as a matter of fact he strengthened my faith.

We need to grow in GOD's word, there is so much we don't know.
September 7, 2007 10:35 AM
Anonymous said...
"Will the Real Slim Shady Please Stand Up?" Please stand up!
September 7, 2007 10:37 AM
Anonymous said...
Brother 9:34,
I believe this because because because brother 9:17 said he knows sister a from the local church who knows the Pastor and he told him and he told me.

Brother 9:19
September 7, 2007 10:56 AM
x_apo said...
Something just occurred to me. If Tafoya, Solomon and Fortino knew the reasons for which they were DQ'd, and these reasons were so scandalous that the DQ committee decided to keep them a secret, why would Tafoya, Solomon and Fortino be so aggressive in their request to disclose the DQ report?

If I had been DQ'd, and I personally knew why, and the DQ committee did me the favor of not disclosing the reasons to the general public, I would thank them for their confidentiality and walk away with my tail between my legs. I would certainly not take them to court if I knew I had been DQ'd according to the regulations of the constitution.

The fact that these DQ'd MOG's are requesting the release of the DQ report shows emphatically that they have nothing to hide and it helps support their claim that they were DQ'd illegally.

In my heart of hearts, I really do not feel this lawsuit is driven by the need for position and power, I feel these men are trying to maintain the integrity of the AA.

Disclaimer - I am not biased. Men from both the GB and those supporting the lawsuit have hurt me and my family greatly in the past. I'm on the side of keeping the AA whole and healthy.
September 7, 2007 11:22 AM
Anonymous said...
Bro. Tafoya was not DQ'd.

In the future, who knows?

Bro. Fortino is not a part of the group seeking justice. It just so happens, he was DQ'd - most likely because given a choice between the politician/current VP & the Prophet/Fortino, with the next honest election the lot would likely fall to the Prophet. By removing him, and in the absence of the current president, the remaining individuals would defer to the politician.

Given that Bro. Avila is a well educated and articulate individual, I thank you for the compliment. Neither am I the webmaster, but again I thank you. He/She is performing a great service by allowing this discussion.
September 7, 2007 11:41 AM
x_apo said...
Thanks for the clarification anon. The spirit of my comment however still stands.

And I agree with you, I would be in favor of Fortino being the president as he comes off as more spirit led than any other GB member. He actually has depth. I would choose him over Valderde or Sanchez without hesitation.

Valverde should probably stick to teaching and pastoring and maybe being the president of the hairclub for men, not the AA.

Sanchez, with his hollywood good looks, should probably consider transitioning to modeling for a "Latinos Cristianos" magazine. His picture would look excellent on the cover.

September 7, 2007 12:12 PM
Anonymous said...
Why are we going through this hoopla of trying to find out who is doing what?

Shouldn't real Men of God stand up and state their intentions?

Especially if their intention is to bring this matter to the church as the scripture states.

Matthew 18:15-17 does not say bring it to the church but hide behind a website anonymously.

Come on Men! Stand up and state your case! Don't hide behind a couple of websites.

You are obviously pursuing a matter based on scripture you are referencing.

Stand up an be counted! Plant your flag in the ground! Your names are already out there.

Your actions here show that you are trying to swing the minds of those you think are uninformed through a political game which does not benefit your cause.

If you are going to bring it to the church, bring it, sign your name to it. Be a MAN of GOD!

Take the example of the forefathers of our country when they signed the declaration of independence. Sign you names to this declaration of independence of nepotism, ending this Good 'ol Boy way doing business.

Let King George know who you are! Show us YOUR integrity!
September 7, 2007 12:34 PM
Anon member #159031 said...
regarding "Don't hide behind a couple of websites..."

Uh, why don't you be the first to come out. Are you really that dumb and impulsive? Did you not realize you're posting as anonymous?

It's like the mule criticizing big teeth.

Don't be a mule bro, much less a jackass.
September 7, 2007 12:50 PM
Anonymous said...
My young brother, in case you are not bright enough to realize, I'm not suing the assembly, I'm not the one creating the website with libelous and slanderous remarks about my brothers in Christ.

My young brother, I am definately not the one insulting other brothers with name calling as you are.

However the spirit in which these websites where created was well received in your last post.

Anon member #159031 said...
regarding "Don't hide behind a couple of websites..."

Uh, why don't you be the first to come out. Are you really that dumb and impulsive? Did you not realize you're posting as anonymous?

It's like the mule criticizing big teeth.

Don't be a mule bro, much less a jackass.

September 7, 2007 12:50 PM

Dios les bendiga Joven.

ps. I call you joven not as an insult but rather to give you the benefit of the doubt and an excuse for your ignorance.
September 7, 2007 1:19 PM
Anonymous said...
First off I agree with anon about trying to swing the opinion of the uninformed. For this to a Christian organization we have shown a lot of disrespect for the Men of God. The Men of God are still the Men of God. We should not be degrading the GB name or these Men that are on the other side of the issue. Secondly cursing in a site shows a great disrespect to God.
When have simply become a generation of unbelievers. We should not knock the men of God. No matter who they are. This issue is already trying to be fixed by both sides. This is where we should leave it. God has called each and everyone one of the Pastor's. We cannot say we have the spirit of God in us when we are simply letting our tongues loose. We say we love God but our actions are showing different. We are the salt of the earth and we taste very bland at the moment. DO NOT AT ANY TIME DISRESPECT THESE MEN OF GOD. YOU ARE SIMPLY ASKING FOR GOD TO POOR OUT IS WRATH AGAINST YOU.
We need to not let our tongue go and pray that God will give direction to all the men on both sides. So that they may handle what is going on.
September 7, 2007 1:23 PM
Anonymous said...
What ever happened to the forefathers of our country after they signed the declaration of independence?
September 7, 2007 1:37 PM
Anonymous said...
Amen! It seems as though those on the on the side of those suing the assembly only want to see it one way. I agree with you whole hearted. Your admonition is well taken. I did not write:
Why are we going through this hoopla of trying to find out who is doing what?

Shouldn't real Men of God stand up and state their intentions?...

and so on to disrespect those brothers, I was actually trying to encourage them to stand up and fight for their cause and stop making this a place of back biting. I guess the webmasters feelings got emotions to stirred.

To often we hide behind veils of secrecy and in this case it is on both sides. However with legal ramifications on the horizon, it may be to late to change.
September 7, 2007 1:37 PM
X_apo said...
My apologies.

In my last post I alluded to new positions that Valverde and Sanchez would probably be best suited for.

This may have come off as offensive, I was trying to add some lite hearted humor to this controversial forum. It shouldn't have been at the expense of these MOG's. My apologies and again, my continual prayers for all men and families involved. God bless.

September 7, 2007 1:41 PM
Anonymous said...
Some became presidents of the greatest country on the face of this earth. Others are immortalized forever and heroes and patriots.

Why do you ask?
September 7, 2007 1:43 PM

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