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Help Please: Save, Search, and PrintMatt on Jan 20
 Re: Help Please: Save, Search, and PrintMichael Calkins on Jan 22
  Re: Help Please: Save, Search, and PrintMatt on Jan 26
   Comma separated values are made using WRITE #Clippy on Jan 29
 another question.Michael Calkins on Jan 28
  I am a procrastinator...Michael Calkins on Feb 16
Printer Commands in QB64 -----------------> HELPElrond on Jan 4
 Re: Printer Commands in QB64 -----------------> HELPClippy on Jan 6
 * Look up the QB64 _PRINTIMAGE commandGalleon on Jan 18
i probably won't be using new versions of qb64?mn64 on Dec 30
 Re: i probably won't be using new versions of qb64?Michael Calkins on Dec 31
  *it will get more chances. thanks for the reply.mn64 on Dec 31
   I am trying qb64 gl for linuxGarry Ricketson on Jan 2
    let me know when that's fixedmn64 on Jan 2
     error on line 88, binaryGarry Ricketson on Jan 2
      thank you.mn64 on Jan 3
       The SDL version is still the QB64 to use.Clippy on Jan 3
        Still using SDLGarry Ricketson on Jan 3
  I think I was wrong.Michael Calkins on Jan 8
   i've had a lot more luckmn64 on Jan 8
i can't reproduce steve's WRITE bug... windows only?mn64 on Dec 27
 *It only seems to happen with "Auto Spacing & Upper/Lowercase Formatting"Michael Calkins on Dec 28
c'mon steve, you can't make a project more sustainable just by pouring money inmn64 on Dec 27
 there's also the bounty method, but it'd work better for larger projects w/more interestmn64 on Dec 27
 Maybe none of my buisness, butGarry Ricketson on Dec 27
  there's nothing wrong with making money, EVER.mn64 on Dec 27
   NO I did not mean you, nor SteveGarry Ricketson on Dec 27
    no need to apologize, reallymn64 on Dec 27
 that would be a good bounty, see if you can bribe him to implement itmn64 on Dec 27
Compile Standalone on Mac ?Hayden Coon on Dec 8
 compiling is always standalone (more...)mn64 on Dec 8
what makes qb64 special?mn64 on Dec 4
 *actually quickbasic, not qbasic did, but it's good enough for a first attemptmn64 on Dec 4
 another way to look at the difference is...mn64 on Dec 4
for gnu/linux (and probably other platforms too) qb64 can be used WITHOUT GRAPHICS MODE!mn64 on Dec 4
 it only works from the framebuffer/virtual console... no wait, you can use screen toomn64 on Dec 4
 looking into _dest _CONSOLEmn64 on Dec 7
  Re: looking into _dest _CONSOLEMichael Calkins on Dec 8
   consoles vs. stdin/stdoutmn64 on Dec 8
    Re: consoles vs. stdin/stdoutMichael Calkins on Dec 8
     not a lot of things to correct you on...mn64 on Dec 8
      we might not be that far apart on this. (2 edits)Michael Calkins on Dec 8
       short answers to a long postmn64 on Dec 8
        $CONSOLE vs _CONSOLE ON/OFFMichael Calkins on Dec 9
         even when i get them working, i'm not sure they'll do exactly...mn64 on Dec 9
          (update) possibilities and limitations of console programming in qb64mn64 on Dec 14
3 (extremely) minor issues with qb64mn64 on Dec 3
 Are you using a current version?Michael Calkins on Dec 4
  i'm using the sdl versionmn64 on Dec 4
   Re: i'm using the sdl versionMichael Calkins on Dec 4
   Yes, the SDL version is shinier...Pete on Dec 4
    *burma shavemn64 on Dec 4
*When will the next version of QB64 GL be out?fatman2021 on Nov 30
QB64 Forum is being spammed. Anybody know how to contact Pete?Clippy on Nov 18
 ForumChris Herbert on Nov 18
  He will be back! He has been busy lately at workClippy on Nov 18
  * Galleon is back.Michael Calkins on Nov 20
   did he leave again?mn64 on Dec 4
    yeah.Michael Calkins on Dec 4
     if you see himmn64 on Dec 4
Will QB64 run on Windows 8?Solitaire on Nov 10
 Re: Will QB64 run on Windows 8?Michael Calkins on Nov 10
  Windows 8chris@herbert.net on Nov 18
   * that's good to know.Michael Calkins on Nov 18
 *(URLs) And here are some linksMichael Calkins on Nov 11
Need option to change PATH in QB64 for open & saveSolitaire on Oct 21
 Re: Need option to change PATH in QB64 for open & saveMichael Calkins on Oct 23
Qbasic simple loop helpguy on Oct 4
 Re: Qbasic simple loop helpMichael Calkins on Oct 5
Galleon -- possible good news regarding my mouse problems in QB64...TheBOB on Sep 19
 *Thanks for the info. Everytime I look at the bee I'm reminded of you!Galleon on Sep 30
 Re: qbasic code helpMichael Calkins on Sep 3
  Re: qbasic code helpJay on Sep 3
   Re: qbasic code helpMichael Calkins on Sep 4
Object orientation in QB64thinman1337 on Aug 31
 are you joking?Michael Calkins on Sep 3
Middle East Import Export Bulletin BoardDanex on Jul 26
 * MORE SPAM!Clippy on Jul 29
Danex Trade Leads Bulletin BoardDanex on Jul 26
QB64 IS A JOKE!!WIZE on Jul 8
 Re: QB64 IS A JOKE!!WIZE on Jul 8
  YOUR VIDEOS IS A JOKE!!!anon on Jul 8
 OH LOOK, he SIGNED one of his other videos!Clippy on Jul 8
 you're raciststosb on Jul 8
 re: SUBMichael Calkins on May 7
 Reply Sub in If StatementLennard Verduijn on Sep 18
 homeworkMichael Calkins on Apr 10
  No EXIT DO needed... Just sayin'. :PChronoKitsune on Apr 11
 * If it is so SIMPLE then try doing it yourself!Clippy on Apr 10
 Homework?Anjelen on Apr 20
  yesMichael Calkins on Apr 20
Does cut/paste work in v.951?lawgin on Mar 9
 Re: Does cut/paste work in v.951?Michael Calkins on Mar 9
  *Thanks--I couldn't find any reference to itlawgin on Mar 9
qb64 long integerslawgin on Mar 3
 Re: qb64 long integersMichael Calkins on Mar 3
  Re: qb64 long integerslawgin on Mar 4
   Re: qb64 long integersMichael Calkins on Mar 4
    Mathematically speaking, -x^y is defined as -(x^y)ChronoKitsune on Mar 4
    It is by designClippy on Mar 6
    There is some ambiguity in the expressionlawgin on Mar 6
*qb64.net forum is not responding, I'll give it a while before I try a manual fixGalleon on Jan 23
 *It's up again!Galleon on Jan 23
Any success on FreeBSD 8.x amd64?geneb on Jan 9
 How did you get QB64 to work in FreeBSD?Clippy on Jan 10
 How to install QB64 on FreeBSDAnonymous on Jan 15
  So what happens with AMD 64?Clippy on Jan 16
  You can compile the SDL libs if needed.DSMan195276 on Jan 16
I'll be AFK from QB64.NET for the next couple of days...Galleon on Jan 3
 Re: I'll be AFK from QB64.NET for the next couple of days...Anonymous on Jan 8
does qb64 allow to dynamically allocate memory and use pointersDick on Jan 2
 No but...Galleon on Jan 3
  it mixes them nicely I thinkBen on Jan 7
   RE: the way it mixes new technology with the old is ridiculousGalleon on Jan 21
   * FB is a C clone with some old Qbasic ideasClippy on Jan 21
 a rough portMichael Calkins on Jan 23
 * No DOS required! Use _CLIPBOARD$ = "Hello World"Clippy on Dec 2
 Re: possible bug to put string in clipboardMichael Calkins on Dec 3
  If you use SHELL _HIDE, it works with or without CMD /CClippy on Dec 5
Add a real Icon to your QB64 EXE programs!Clippy on Nov 5
 * Great! Thanks!Dav on Nov 18
OOPSClippy on Nov 5
Multiple windowslawgin on Sep 21
 * Not currently, but you could _HIDE it all. QB64 uses CMD /C already.Clippy on Sep 21
  it would seem that it doesn't...Michael Calkins on Sep 22
  Seems to work faster toolawgin on Sep 22
  you're right...Michael Calkins on Oct 5
 *write the copy commands to a bat file, then shell to the bat file.Michael Calkins on Sep 22
  I don't think that would worklawgin on Sep 22
   Re: I don't think that would workMichael Calkins on Sep 22
    OKlawgin on Sep 23
     * There is a way to do it all in a batch, but it isn't easy.Clippy on Oct 5
      Re: * There is a way to do it all in a batch, but it isn't easy.Naoto on Nov 5
      re: isn't easy?Anjelen on Apr 20
Calling MCUnseen on Sep 17
 Re: Calling MCMichael Calkins on Sep 18
  *Cool, thanks for the reply.Unseen on Sep 18
Initial screenshots from UnseenGDK OpenGL edition...Unseen Machine on Jul 25
 *Cool. (you're not trying to port Quake, are you?)Michael Calkins on Jul 26
  *Not just yet but i might in the future (Need to learn BSPing first)!Unseen Machine on Jul 26
 *Wow! Great stuff Unseen -- looks like you're having fun, too!TheBOB on Sep 14
  I am having fun, here's a latestUnseen on Oct 5
   *Wow! Gorgeous stuff!TheBOB on Oct 11
QB64 works on FreeBSD systemsqbguy on Jul 17
 *COOLUnseen on Jul 19
Date Calendar ProgramMarineDon on Jul 11
 *Thanks for sharing. I tried your program and was very happy with the resultsGalleon on Jul 12
  ThanxMarineDon on Jul 12
* Will QB64 be able to install microwave ovens, refrigerators and color TVsAnonymous on Jul 5
 QB64 ALREADY fixes toasters!Clippy on Jul 7
  Its in here somewhere...Clippy on Jul 7
  Dropping a paper clip into a toaster would be considered cruel and unusual punishment...Pete on Jul 8
   Here's your toaster...Clippy on Jul 10
    QB64 will run on your toasterAnonymous on Jul 19
     Toast anyone?Clippy on Jul 19
Hoping for DECLARE LIBRARY for linux 64 soonBen on May 10
 * Hoping someday that you learn what an asterisk is for!Clippy on May 11
* QB64 site down on numerous occasions May 2 AMClippy on May 2
Simple TCP/IP stuff to get webpagesUnseen Machine on Apr 28
QB64 and CloudsAnonymus of Hungary on Apr 13
 *If we get enough donations I'll be setting up a free cloud QB64 server for usersGalleon on Apr 14
Simple 3D Game DemoUnseen Machine on Mar 31
 *I got a syntax error on line 191: REM $include... Don't use them myself so can't fix.TheBOB on Apr 1
  Weird...Unseen Machine on Apr 2
   *I have the file, but not the latest version of QB64 -- that must be it.TheBOB on Apr 2
   Re: Weird...Pete on Apr 7
    *Well, it worked for me. Try signing in and see what happens.Pete on Apr 7
    In firefox 4...Michael Calkins on Apr 7
     Re: In firefox 4...Pete on Apr 7
 * Why isn't your link in hypertext?Clippy on Apr 2
* QB64 should let you type "GO TO" and "GO SUB" instead of "GOTO" andprof.dr. e.w. dijkstra on Mar 18
 ELSEIFAnonymous on Mar 18
Updating the QB64 website...Galleon on Feb 11
 Updating the QB64 website...Galleon on Feb 12
  Updating the QB64 website...Galleon on Feb 12
   QB64 forum is now restored!Galleon on Feb 12
    *The QB64 website has now been fully restored at its new server location!Galleon on Feb 12
Return to mouse problems with QB64 and W7...TheBOB on Jan 20
 Re: Return to mouse problems with QB64 and W7...Michael Calkins on Jan 20
  Thanks, Michael...TheBOB on Jan 20
   *ywMichael Calkins on Jan 20
 Of all people, you should know...Clippy on Jan 20
  You're right ...TheBOB on Jan 20
   Play around with thisClippy on Jan 21
    Interesting ...TheBOB on Jan 21
     If you need to move the pointerClippy on Jan 21
      Thanks, Clippy -- but I do have that in CALL ABSOLUTE...TheBOB on Jan 21
       Yo BobianRocky Balboa on Jan 22
        *Thanks, Rock -- sorry to interrupt, but Hu is the leader of China.TheBOB on Jan 22
         *...and there's a rumor circulating that he used to play first base.TheBOB on Jan 23
          *Huh? Hu's on first? What happens on second?Galleon on Jan 29
 Why you bitchin' bout optical mouse made in Peking for?May Dean China on Jan 20
  *Thanks, May Dean, may your mice prosper.TheBOB on Jan 20
 Can I have a link to your code?Galleon on Jan 24
  Here are both of them...TheBOB on Jan 24
   Thanks Bob!Galleon on Jan 26
    This is probably the issue BobGalleon on Jan 28
     OK, I've fixed your program. Try this:Galleon on Jan 28
      *EASTER EGG added: Use RIGHT CLICK with flood fill selected for a proper flood fillGalleon on Jan 28
       *Seems that flood fill is a bit buggy, I'll try and make a better one.Galleon on Jan 28
        OK, this is much better. No errors this time.Galleon on Jan 28
         *And then there's this... www.qb64.net/animate2.gfxGalleon on Jan 28
          lol - night golf is very difficult...TheBOB on Jan 28
           *P.S. Thanks for the floodfill routine!!TheBOB on Jan 28
            I use Windows 7 and have no issues but...Galleon on Jan 28
             I haven't had a "jumpy" mouse problem...TheBOB on Jan 29
              My 'gut instinct' is that the problem lies in when you are calling _MOUSEINPUTGalleon on Jan 29
               TEST PROGRAM #1 (any phantom mouse presses here?)Galleon on Jan 29
                No problems ...TheBOB on Jan 29
                 In that case, I'm inclined to believe the problem is in your code...Galleon on Jan 29
                  *Thanks, Galleon -- I'm sure you're right.TheBOB on Jan 30
                   *Double post error -- ignore.TheBOB on Jan 31
                   Galleon, something I should mention ...TheBOB on Jan 31
                    *Noted.Galleon on Feb 1
         What exactly did you change Galleon?Clippy on Jan 28
          *I fixed the missed mouse click problems and added support for an alternate flood fillGalleon on Jan 28
          RE: Your solution Clippy...Galleon on Jan 28
           Well how do I tell when the button is still down? Not just clicked.Clippy on Jan 28
            Wahts the command called?UnseenMachine on Jan 28
            If you want the current state of the mouse, skip to the last message...Galleon on Jan 28
             So reading inside the loop doesn't give you the stateClippy on Jan 29
            RE: Well how do I tell when the button is still down?Galleon on Jan 28
             How are you coding?Unseen Machine on Jan 29
NEW QB64 Home PageClippy on Jan 12
 MY QB64 homepage at Simple Machines Forums!Clippy on Jan 19
*QB64 has now been released for MacOSX and has a new look homepageGalleon on Jan 7
 *Wow! Gorgeous home page -- well done!TheBOB on Jan 7
  It all started with YOUR BEE BOB! Bee Bob, Bee Bob....LINKClippy on Jan 7
   *Oh, I noticed - but the other honeycomb art is great - and KONG's on the screenshot page!TheBOB on Jan 7
    Calling Dr. Bombay, calling Dr. Bombay, emergency, TheBOB's lost his way...Not Really Samantha from Bewitched on Jan 8
     Point taken, but...TheBOB on Jan 8
      I wish politicians were more like you...Pete on Jan 8
      * Yeah it should say something about PROGRAMMING somewhere...Clippy on Jan 8
     ERR...Bob and I like it!Clippy on Jan 8
      Bob likes everything. He'd even compliment Satan on his "nice horns."Pete on Jan 8
       *"The signs" get removed? Did N54 eat your ASCII again?Artelius on Jan 9
        * Why can't people on this forum take thngs more seriously, like I do? :)Pete on Jan 9
     I agree with Pete hereArtelius on Jan 8
      Do QB64 a favor...DON'T say another word about it! PLEASE!Clippy on Jan 8
       Now that's the Socialist spirt, alive and... well... worthless...Pete on Jan 9
        * Well at least we don't ALLOW people to die to prove the state is broke!Clippy on Jan 9
         Topic continued here: URL*Pete on Jan 9
       I offer what I can: informed feedback and adviceArtelius on Jan 9
 Rob. if you want to see what the contrast difference would be, here is an example...Pete on Jan 9
  *WHAT BG? I can BARELY see it! It's almost white!Clippy on Jan 9
   I can easily see it on my XP and my 98.Pete on Jan 9
    * Well I see even LESS contrast. Contrast with what? :-OClippy on Jan 9
     Those janitorial classes at Carnegie Mellon just aren't helping you are they?Pete on Jan 9
      * OK, how did your athletic cup get in the White House in the first place?Clippy on Jan 9
  I had a shot at redesigning the pageArtelius on Jan 10
   Yes, improving the contrast worked 100% better...Pete on Jan 10
    IE6 slightly improvedArtelius on Jan 10
     Slightly is right. It is still a mess in IE6.Pete on Jan 10
      Don't MESS with my IE6 DUDE! That's all I got LEFT on my 98.IE6 lover on Jan 10
       It's IE6 that's the MESSArtelius on Jan 10
        Well "Mess" is relative. Oh, and Opera and FF both will run on a Win 98.Pete on Jan 11
         *FF up to version I don't think higher versions work on 98se.Michael Calkins on Jan 11
          * With FireFox you get what you paid for LITERALLY :-DClippy on Jan 11
           *k-meleon should work in 98seMichael Calkins on Jan 11
         *Wow, the plot thickens -- good luck, you guys!TheBOB on Jan 11
          *Michael Calkins on Jan 11
           *Yeah, sorry about that, Michael.TheBOB on Jan 11
         Might I point out...Artelius on Jan 12
          * Sorry, QB64 doesn't use pointers. You can use a statemnet though! :)Anonymous on Jan 14
      Well if Galleon does like it I can work on better IE6 compatibilityArtelius on Jan 10
   The header should be larger lettersClippy on Jan 11
   Proposed QB64 page using IE6 on my 98Clippy on Jan 17
Hey, PeteMarineDon on Jan 1
 Re: Hey, PetePete on Jan 5
  Speaking of an N54 MESS!Clippy on Jan 6
   * I really don't like posting code here in the town of Bedrock.Pete on Jan 7
SHELL in QB64MarineDon on Dec 28
 QB64 doesn't support INT 21 yet.Clippy on Dec 28
  *Thanks Clippy that would be most usefulMarineDon on Dec 29
   VB Script to create a Shortcut LNK or PIF (DOS) file in QbasicClippy on Dec 29
    * Dunno if I ever said it, but this is a cool way. Thanks for sharing it.Dav on Dec 29
 Until Int 21 is supported you can use a WinAPI call....Dav on Dec 29
  *Way Cool Clippy and Dav. Just what is needed.MarineDon on Dec 30
  WHY wasn't THIS LIBRARY POSTED?Clippy on Dec 30
   Heh, well...I just made after reading Don's post.Dav on Dec 30
    Try this VB Script for OS versionClippy on Dec 30
     * Nice. Both work for me under Win7 (32-bit).Dav on Dec 31
      * Good, glad it works. It should also find multiple OS's.Clippy on Dec 31
       Re: * Good, glad it works. It should also find multiple OS's.Pete on Dec 31
        *Pete, you are incorrigible! LOLClippy on Jan 1

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