*can't use it without copyright infringement, can you?

by (Login MCalkins)

Posted on Jan 2, 2008, 9:22 PM

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copyright isn't the issuemennonite on Jan 2
 He can't use it as-is anyways on Jan 2
  draw: gwbasic vs qbasic vs fbmennonite on Jan 3
   That's pretty weird... on Jan 3
    you should get the same size and shape each timemennonite on Jan 3
     more about using drawmennonite on Jan 3
      Couldn't you draw a simple circle using SIN and COS on Jan 3
       got a public domain routine that does it?mennonite on Jan 3
        * LOL@publicdomain on Jan 3
        Here's a complete function for you on Jan 3
Of ALL the people to ask that question. on Jan 3
 * You should be asking "I wonder what ISN'T patented by M$?" :Prpgfan3233 on Jan 3
 * If it was up to them, it would cost a nickel to doubleclick! on Jan 3

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