What do you plan to add beside all QB commands?

by Tusike (Login Tusike)

I mean are you going to have a function for loading bmps or midi files, or the mouse? And what will the highest screen resolution possible be, 640 * 480 or higher?

I got interested in this project.


Posted on Jan 3, 2008, 8:42 AM

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Response TitleAuthor and Date
* The current plans are to just get QB commands working. Extras can be worked in later.Do you know the Plan9 Man? on Jan 3
 *I thought soTusike on Jan 3
* If it works in the OS, it will be a lot better than DOS emulationClippy on Jan 3
* Hey, you have to code something yourself !Clippy on Jan 3
 *Any ideas? What should I code, if I can?Tusike on Jan 4
HrmEponasoft on Jan 3
 Compatability would not limit screen colors to 16Clippy on Jan 3
  Sure it wouldEponasoft on Jan 3
   limits vs. incompatibilitymennonite on Jan 4
    and if that's not close enoughmennonite on Jan 4
     SCREEN extensionEponasoft on Jan 4
      no one likes vesa, do they?mennonite on Jan 4
       VESA and whatnotEponasoft on Jan 4
        sdl isn't my choice, but of things that aren't my choice, it's greatmennonite on Jan 4
         Wait a second...Eponasoft on Jan 4
          all i know is that screen 0 appears to be sdl stillmennonite on Jan 4
          Really in QB all console mode is really all there is...Pete on Jan 4
           mennonite defends fb?mennonite on Jan 4
            He can go straight back to FB.net as far as I'm concerned.Pete on Jan 4
             * Your right Pete! Kiss KissClippy on Jan 4
              Don't make me buy the Steelers, Ted, I'll move them to Iowa!Pete on Jan 4
               man i hate it when you go elitist. senseless bozo?mennonite on Jan 4
                The IDE works, as I have already stated, in Vista...Pete on Jan 4
                 IT DOESNT MATTER WHO SAID ITnot really the rock on Jan 4
                  Take your opinion, turn it sideways, and shove it up your candy ascii.The Rock on Jan 4
                   whatever p3t3mennonite on Jan 4
                    *OK, boys! Just use Notepad if you really need to for nowClippy on Jan 5
                     That's what I do already!Eponasoft on Jan 5
                      * OK you offered to help. Make an IDE that doesn't complain thenClippy on Jan 5
                      * OOPS! The IDE is SUPPOSED to do that, No?Clippy on Jan 5
                      LOL @ bad syntax can make you lose your train of thought.Pete on Jan 5
                       * Perhaps he meant Brain of thought, Man. Pass the doobie!Cheech on Jan 5
                       Oh, I'm just so crushed.Eponasoft on Jan 5
             well, you can establish a backwoods if you want to, petemennonite on Jan 4
             Hrm...no it doesn't.Eponasoft on Jan 5
            /me attempts to resist the urge to bring up Z!re... Oops... Too late. :P *rpgfan3233 on Jan 4
           Actually...you're wrong. Very wrong.Eponasoft on Jan 5
            * Yes and Tricks are for kids!Clippy on Jan 5
       I like VESA...rpgfan3233 on Jan 4
   * It most likely would not be exactly screen 12 as you define it!Clippy on Jan 4
    no it wouldn't be, it really would be something elsemennonite on Jan 4
I'm glad someone asked about new features...Galleon on Jan 3
 i'm glad you finally mentioned themmennonite on Jan 4
  I don't think you should add a -lang switchTusike on Jan 4
   *i don't eithermennonite on Jan 4
    *I'd like to add one to Mennonite sometimes LOLClippy on Jan 5
  An alternate ideaEponasoft on Jan 4
   Not a bad ideaTusike on Jan 4
    Common function name collisionsEponasoft on Jan 4
     i talked about qb64as a prefix alternative to _ toomennonite on Jan 4
   that's exactly what i meantmennonite on Jan 4
 Ideasqbguy on Jan 7
  Calm down QB! Don't get riled about things in the futureClippy on Jan 7

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