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The intention is true QBASIC compatibility, which means 640x480 would be supported with 16 colors (SCREEN 12). That's the best you're going to get for hi-res natively. On a more personal note though, I'd hate to see MIDI supported unless someone had plans to use it for its intended purpose: MIDI hardware. Besides, there are always libraries that can be used for music playback, such as Bass, FMOD, dumb, mikmod, etc. Once QBASIC is fully implemented (harder than it sounds), I just hope Galleon has the foresight to allow external libraries to be linked in (this won't be hard whatsoever, a mere afterthought's really *that simple*, and I speak from experience). The icing on the cake would be full support for OOP libraries; I'm personally longing for a BASIC compiler that can handle Irrlicht natively without getting stupid (*cough* DarkBasic). Since QB64 compiles to C++, this shouldn't be a problem down the road.

Once QB64 has proper function support (why it doesn't yet is beyond me), I'm going to write some QB lib remappers for people who might want to port old QB games. Since there's no way in hell QB64 is ever going to be able to support things like DirectQB natively, a library to remap its functions would be in order. That way, people could recompile their lib-laden QB games in QB64 without a hitch. I've already got a working prototype of a GDM playback library for Windows that could also be easily ported to *nix.

Posted on Jan 3, 2008, 6:11 PM

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