man i hate it when you go elitist. senseless bozo?

by mennonite (no login)


explain this pete, how is someone a "senseless bozo" for asking about a feature that the project leader was and is actually planning? no one asked you to code anything, in fact no demands were made of anyone, IT WAS JUST A QUESTION!

also explain how someone is supposed to use the ide from qb (as you suggested was a reasonable solution) if one of the the points of the project is to work in vista without dosbox, when said ide will not always work without dosbox?

Posted on Jan 4, 2008, 4:30 PM

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The IDE works, as I have already stated, in Vista...Pete on Jan 4
 IT DOESNT MATTER WHO SAID ITnot really the rock on Jan 4
  Take your opinion, turn it sideways, and shove it up your candy ascii.The Rock on Jan 4
   whatever p3t3mennonite on Jan 4
    *OK, boys! Just use Notepad if you really need to for nowClippy on Jan 5
     That's what I do already!Eponasoft on Jan 5
      * OK you offered to help. Make an IDE that doesn't complain thenClippy on Jan 5
      * OOPS! The IDE is SUPPOSED to do that, No?Clippy on Jan 5
      LOL @ bad syntax can make you lose your train of thought.Pete on Jan 5
       * Perhaps he meant Brain of thought, Man. Pass the doobie!Cheech on Jan 5
       Oh, I'm just so crushed.Eponasoft on Jan 5

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