Personally, I welcome any FB programmers!

by Galleon (no login)


As long as they respect that this forum is about QBASIC and QB64. It is inevitable that programmers will mention the names of programming languages they often use or have used. The context of their mention should be constructive and any criticisms of QB64 made by comparing the two should only be made if their goal is constructive to QB64's development.

Comments like "QB64 is dumb because it doesn't have subs or functions yet" are nonconstructive and unwelcome. Comments that either promote or link to another site to promote it without my prior permission are also unwelcome. If you want to "flame" QB64 do it somewhere else. If you come here to create ill will towards those who are enthusiastic about QB64 you are also not welcome here.


PS. Everyone gets a bit edgy when they perceive QB64 as being unduly criticized, especially as it is at such an early stage of development. I can take constructive criticism, even when I don't necessarily agree with someone's point of view I try and appreciate where they are coming from. Don't expect me to enter a "flame war", as I don't approve of adding fuel to fires. I also apologize for some posts which I will not/have not responded to where I feel the answer should have been obvious. I also refrain from continuing to reply to posts from people if I have given them my point of view on a topic and my opinion has not changed.

Posted on Jan 5, 2008, 2:12 AM

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That's a good attitude to have, GalleonEponasoft on Jan 5
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  Follow your own advice, eh?Eponasoft on Jan 5

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