Because BASIC is BASIC ;-).

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Not that I'm one of those, but remember that BASIC was invented so that the non scientific and non engineering community could make computers do things without scientific theories and hypothesis and big complex notions. It's what makes BASIC what it is and what makes QB as popular as it was and actually still is today.

Ignoring these quirks is not the way to go I honestly believe. Now if you're saying it's too early in the project to focus on the quirks, I still have to disagree (that's my professional advice) because adding these quirks after is gonna be hectic at best if done after it's one thing to add quirks to a 300 line project, it's another if you have to do the same in a 200,000 project, believe you me. Maybe each demo will be delayed right now by a day or a week but after the demo is released well we know it was done the right way.

What you're suggesting should be used if and only if there's no possible way in 32bits to achieve what the 16 bit QB does. Then you might think of making it follow the rules as described in the online help or manuals.

For example, in windows you can't call interrupt 10h (direct video) directly, in the command prompt's that's emulated. Now do we want him to thunk in a 16 bit ASM code in some way? or do we just want him to do (using what means windows API or SDL allows) mimic what QB does when you call an interrupt? That's just an example, LPRINT can be another. ;-). Along with a few others of course.

My two cents ;-).

Posted on Jan 8, 2008, 5:21 PM

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