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fb has basic syntax, (well, some of it) it's the quirks that make it so that no qbasic program works in fb.

keep in mind they think a cursor in screen 12 is a quirk. well you said we should use the help index as a standard. the help index says locate's full syntax is:

locate row,col,vis,start,finish

the last three have to do with the cursor. there's nothing about whether it works in screen 12 or not, that's the syntax for the locate statement. originally you were like, let's not add anything. now you're basically saying, let's not even bother with compatibility. do you think it would be a bad thing if it was more compatible?

you probably call things quirks other people will have to code around. if i say color 0,1:cls that clears the screen and makes it blue. otherwise i have to print 2000 spaces to the screen every time i use cls or my only option is a black background. galleon will be working on that "quirk" among many next. so tell me, what's a "quirk?," or does it mean what it means at "a native feature we're too 1337 to care about"

Posted on Jan 8, 2008, 5:56 PM

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