qb64 feature list (*url)

by mennonite (no login)


Posted on Jan 8, 2008, 9:57 PM

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Nice features list program! (Well worth trying for anyone interested in QB64)Galleon on Jan 9
 Here's another features list of things added over the past few days for Demo #5!Galleon on Jan 9
  About the _ROUND function :-).MystikShadows on Jan 9
   Aww.... Why'd ya have to go and ask that, Mystik! Now I'm curious too!rpgfan3233 on Jan 9
    *right now i just use dim a as integer, - .5 from a and it's like int(a) for a > 0mennonite on Jan 9
     of course here's how i would do a round functionmennonite on Jan 9
      um, yeahmennonite on Jan 9
   About _ROUND(...)Galleon on Jan 9
    i really like mine although there's one thing i can't think of a way to expressmennonite on Jan 9
     i do want to add this to what i saidmennonite on Jan 9
    I like it GalleonClippy on Jan 9
     I thought INT was like the mathematical Floor function - it rounds down every time.rpgfan3233 on Jan 9
      someone researched it before i wrote my tutorialmennonite on Jan 9
      Moneo would disagree with your symmetryClippy on Jan 10
      BTW, DEF Fn is not a really good kind of functionClippy on Jan 10
       Some on DEF FNTK Crockett on Dec 15
        Once it is put in QB64 we cannot use variables like Fname$ for first or file name.Clippy on Dec 15
 thanks, your corrections are welcomemennonite on Jan 9

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