Re: and they say that fb'ers aren't elitist

by Lachie Dazdarian (no login)


Well, yes. If you are happy with QB64 as it is now, they you are insane or a ****ing idiot.

The only reason why you people are so hot about this project is because of your unhealthy and illogical aversion toward FB, which for that matter is far closer to the goals QB64 is advertising, and continues to work toward them (-lang QB compatibility is continuously expanded and improved).

Of course, many of you cannot back down now from bashing FB because that would force you to eat your past idiot statements. You are just stuck now in this anti-FB holy war and you cannot back down without admitting you were wrong all along.

Posted on Jan 27, 2008, 2:02 PM

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Seriously Lachieroy on Jan 27
 Re: Seriously LachieLachie Dazdarian on Jan 27
  Name me five people here that hate FB.roy on Jan 27
   Re: Name me five people here that hate FB.Lachie Dazdarian on Jan 27
    *I now know where you stand . Period.roy on Jan 27
    As a semi-neutral outside observerIain on Feb 21
     I completely agree...Pete on Feb 21
   * Pete, Pete, Pete, Pete, and PetePete on Jan 27
  Thinking outside the compiler for a second...maybe a minute....MystikShadows on Jan 27
   thanks for demonstrating the other reason i hate deleted threadsmennonite on Jan 27
   I never knew I was an extreme programmer!!Author of Recent U.A. Game (Lachie knows) on Jan 28
    Oh sorry, you need an IDE to go with that?Clippy on Jan 28
     ...OLPC on Jan 28
      *it uses () now?mennonite on Jan 28
       Optionally. of course...OLPC on Jan 28
        *oh, cool. nice to know.mennonite on Jan 28
     Re: Oh sorry, you need an IDE to go with that?notthecheatr on Jan 29
    * AFLAC! You quack me upDaffy Duck on Jan 28
   This I agree withnotthecheatr on Jan 29

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