To Lachie and this subforum moderator

by (Login PhyloGenesis)


You dislike this program as it is and what it stands for. You are spamming about FB on a QB64 forum. You give only destructive criticism. You are rude to Galleon (as opposed to just being rude to mennonite/Clippy/Pete/others who have argued with you about FB before), who has done nothing except try to create something he wants. This program was not advertised on the FB forum (at least not by Galleon, if I'm wrong then I apologize). You continue to fight and flame those who you upset.

In other words, you are trolling, please leave (this subforum).

Very few things should be removed from forums. I think that spam, trolling, intense flames (save those in the distractions subforum), and clearly inappropriate content (such as pornographic material) are the exceptions. Things that are completely (not just partly) off topic should be moved to an appropriate subforum.

Being that Lachie's post (and most of the responses to it) fall under spam, trolling, and flames, I request those posts be removed.


"For each programmer, there is an equal and opposite programmer who can't stand to read the first programmer's code." - Snook

Posted on Jan 27, 2008, 3:22 PM

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