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i know not everything with computers can be blamed on windows (although windows doesn't want to help much) and it's not the only multithreading os there is (linux) and even nt seems to be pretty reasonable when up to specs (the ros argument, plus os/2 was awesome except no drivers or sdk!) and yeah i'm even being a little silly.

still, the problem does seem to happen more in windows than in linux. yes, it happens in linux. and i'd like to solve it once and for all for both. so you put one in the main loop, and then you decided on putting one in the menu how, just running the program and feeling around for what loops sucked up the most cpu?

Posted on Jan 29, 2008, 1:57 PM

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also how well does wait &h3da, 8 work for this?mennonite on Jan 29
 Not sure...OLPC on Jan 29
  i'll be sure to try it with qb64 latermennonite on Jan 29
PrioritiesOLPC on Jan 29
 coolmennonite on Jan 29
  In Windows 2000, it's...OLPC on Jan 29
   *thanks, same in xpmennonite on Jan 29

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