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Sufficient for engineers? Of course it is. Otherwise Calculus wouldn't dictate a minimum of 3 decimal places of accuracy. In Calculus, number precision is practically a law. Also, since Calculus was invented to explain Physics (or so the rumor goes), Physics too has this same requirement. However, with computers of today, that 3-digit precision is actually more precise because we can have up to 15(?) digits of precision with a double-precision floating point value. This means rounding errors aren't as influential as they were when 3 digits were the best that could be done.

Of course, 3-digit precision is still pretty darn good for a tool that is used merely to estimate!

Posted on Feb 22, 2008, 2:10 PM

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Even machinists work in 1000's of an inch............Clippy on Feb 22
 * He was taking AP Calculus BC. Calculators didn't exist until AD.qbguy on Feb 22
  * LOL, does AP stand for Advanced Primate?Clippy on Feb 22
 my dad is a machinistMichael Calkins on Feb 25
  * So are Fingers LOL. I'd like to see that lathe in action!Clippy on Feb 25

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