About the PRINT + control characters...

by Dav (no login)


This is no big deal to me, but thought you should know about it.

Sometimes PRINT CHR$(7) WILL produce the bell sound here, and sometimes not.

For example, the following code:

for t = 1 to 5
print chr$(7), t
sleep 1

I never hear more than 4 bells, sometimes 3, never 5. And always bell 1 is silent. (This is on my w2k machine).

By the way, Great Qbasic combatability so far! My Binary file viewer compiles and works perfect in QB64. It uses DEF SEG/POKE instead of PRINT to show the characters on the screen in SCREEN 0.


- Dav

Posted on Mar 17, 2008, 12:45 PM

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After 3 bells the fight is over DaveClippy on Mar 17
 Heh..Dav on Mar 17
  Like Galleon has mentioned,Clippy on Mar 17
  * Could also be a problem with SLEEP. Try a TIMER loop instead.Clippy on Mar 17
   * Okay, but can't until tomorrow (got to SLEEP myself now).Dav on Mar 17
Workaround...Dav on Mar 17

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