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by Galleon (no login)

It is difficult not to draw comparisons between FB and QB64, after all they both lay claim to being to most QBASIC compatible, and this is the QBASIC forum.

Because this is my project, I feel I have the right to express my opinion about this issue. It is not my intention to start up a massive debate.

Firstly, I do believe QB64 poses a threat (unintentionally) to FB. Why? How many different versions of BASIC are out there... heaps! So why choose FB? Because it is "the BASIC compiler with the closest compatibility with QBASIC", and QBASIC is one of the most popular versions of BASIC ever. If QB64 achieves greater compatibility with QBASIC than FB, even if it doesn't compare as favorably in other areas it will rob FB of this very important claim... and QB64 is set to achieve this greater compatibility sometime within the next 4 months.

I remember when I first stated writing QB64. FB did have a -lang qb compile switch but there was little being done to improve compatibility in this area (even the SCREEN command used a different syntax). It is my (conceited?) belief that the above mentioned threat has (as roy stated) fueled significant FB development in this area.

If you want to know the outcome of this "competition" I can already tell you:
1. FB won't ever support DEF SEG, PEEK, POKE, VARPTR, VARSEG, SADD, CALL INTERRUPT, CALL ABSOLUTE and other 16-bit memory referencing commands.
2. FB won't support 100% compatible emulation of SCREEN 0 windows.
3. FB won't support ON ... events like ON ERROR, ON TIMER and ON KEY in the same way QBASIC supported them
4. FB won't support GOSUB and RETURN
5. FB won't distinguish correctly between certain variables of similar names defined in different ways
6. There will be many subtle differences in the way FB's -lang qb version interprets code compared to QBASIC
But do the above REALLY matter? The answer depends on what sort of BASIC programmer you are. For those with no interest in code "of the past" they don't.

PS. The latest version of FB allows for newer variable types to be used in -lang qb mode if underscores are put in front of their names!!! Now why didn't I think of that??? (sarcasm very much intended) ROFL*1E324!!! I'm still waiting for my thank you letter...

Posted on Apr 7, 2008, 5:53 AM

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