I didn't come here to antagonise the situation...

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Or to try and undermine the project by trying to steal secrets, or offer bad advice, or whatever. In the former case, the underlying engines are probably too different, and in the latter case, Galleon, as a compentent developer, would be able to see right through any bad advice I tried to pass on.

@Galleon, Yes, it's probably fair to say that each project has been able to benefit from the other's ideas on occasion. On the whole, I'd say it's a good thing. I don't know where the idea for using underscores in FB came from, but if you came up with it, then thanks. It's obvious that you could have been a useful contributor to the FreeBASIC project. As you know our compatibility is currently lacking in places, but I think the framework allows for a lot of potential.

Obviously, all things being equal, a rival has less influence than a fellow developer, but I respect that, like v1ctor, you wanted to create your own self-hosting compiler from scratch. I've often thought of dong so myself, but I suspect I lack the dedication.

I'm reluctant to call the projects' relationship a competition. But yes, the two projects are mainly discrete. And if both provide QBASIC compatibility, then there has obviously been duplicated effort. In a sense, that creates a pressure for each project to try and prove that "our efforts were worthwhile".

But what I'm more concerned about is that it's caused an us-and-them mentality to develop among some people in each community. We don't need it, it's just making things ugly. I hoped my posts here would help level things out a bit. No one, not even the developers, have to make a stand on one side or the other.

Posted on Apr 7, 2008, 10:44 AM

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