I get his "All roads lead to Rome" ideology...

by Pete (Login The-Universe)


...but why'd he take the detour that went over the Alps?

Yes, it would be interesting to see what the compiler memory capacity is at this stage. Maybe if you have compatible code of 150K or more, you could test it and tell us how it went.


Posted on Dec 27, 2008, 10:47 AM

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Response TitleAuthor and Date
Well, all of the current talk is about the IDE bugs and .........Pretty Lil Dutch Clip on Dec 27
 Arrrrrg...Pete on Dec 27
  * I think it only works on QBguy's code, lolClippy on Dec 27
   *No worries Galleon, I still have faith in this project.PhyloGenesis on Dec 27
    *Faith is believing in something that you may never see!Clippy on Dec 27
     I think the problem I having with it is now I have to have faith in too many things...Pete on Dec 28
      * Well said! My feelings exactly. We need QB64 SOON !Clippy on Dec 28
      * If Linux is a "hobbyrating system" then what does that make Vista?qbguy on Dec 28
       * If we had QB64, Vista would be fine. You Linux and IDE lovers are stopping that!Clippy (hadn\'t noticed) on Dec 28
       It makes Vista a finished working usable operating systemPete on Dec 29
        Installing Windows is easier than installing Linux.qbguy on Jan 10
         * Great, but why is this NOT in the Linus Forum?Clippy on Jan 10
          * Because it is in reply to Pete's post about Linux in this forumqbguy on Jan 10
           * And also because the name of the Operating System is Linux and not Linusqbguy on Jan 10
           *That's not a good reason! You can post it in Linus and post the link.Clippy on Jan 10
         LOL - I think you meant that the other way around but Windows really is easier...Pete on Jan 10
          Well if your'e counting OEM Windowsqbguy on Jan 10
           * Oh, I'm sorry. I meant... Go to a store other than K-Mart.Pete on Jan 11
  * Qb64 already supports SHELL, but mouse needs the new underscore syntax at least for nowqbguy on Dec 29
   * Thanks to the L word, we are still waiting for Absolute and Interrupt too.Clippy on Dec 29

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