ATTENTION: TheBoB re: Your previous BLOAD/BSAVE error report.

by Galleon (no login)


I investigated the report (URL):

The problem was the alignment of the 2nd array was not on a segment boundary due to an error in QB64. This problem has been fixed for the next update (due in a few days time). Thank you for the report because this was a serious bug which I was totally unaware of. The alignment issue only applies to static arrays, so funnily you could have just changed:
DIM BOX2(1 TO 1000 + 1) AS INTEGER
and the program runs in the current version of QB64 you're using!

Furthermore, your experiences of half your BLOAD/BSAVE/GET/PUT things working and half not would also very likely be related to the segment boundary alignment bug. If you have any more bugs to report I'm all ears!

Thanks again,

Posted on Dec 26, 2009, 5:31 AM

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