*Wow! Gorgeous home page -- well done!

by TheBOB (Login qb432l)


Posted on Jan 7, 2011, 7:45 AM

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It all started with YOUR BEE BOB! Bee Bob, Bee Bob....LINKClippy on Jan 7
 *Oh, I noticed - but the other honeycomb art is great - and KONG's on the screenshot page!TheBOB on Jan 7
  Calling Dr. Bombay, calling Dr. Bombay, emergency, TheBOB's lost his way...Not Really Samantha from Bewitched on Jan 8
   Point taken, but...TheBOB on Jan 8
    I wish politicians were more like you...Pete on Jan 8
    * Yeah it should say something about PROGRAMMING somewhere...Clippy on Jan 8
   ERR...Bob and I like it!Clippy on Jan 8
    Bob likes everything. He'd even compliment Satan on his "nice horns."Pete on Jan 8
     *"The signs" get removed? Did N54 eat your ASCII again?Artelius on Jan 9
      * Why can't people on this forum take thngs more seriously, like I do? :)Pete on Jan 9
   I agree with Pete hereArtelius on Jan 8
    Do QB64 a favor...DON'T say another word about it! PLEASE!Clippy on Jan 8
     Now that's the Socialist spirt, alive and... well... worthless...Pete on Jan 9
      * Well at least we don't ALLOW people to die to prove the state is broke!Clippy on Jan 9
       Topic continued here: URL*Pete on Jan 9
     I offer what I can: informed feedback and adviceArtelius on Jan 9

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