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by Pete (Login The-Universe)


And saying it is an improvement over the former page isn't really saying much. I saw that as a utility page for links. The logo is the only thing that was professionally done, so sure the added concept of incorporating the logo with the features is an improvement, but the lack of contrast is certainly a problem. The contrast is not professional and frankly, the history gradient doesn't work, either. remember it only takes two hands to clap, but it takes 10 talented fingers to code a quality webpage. People like Rob and I , I suspect, are too left brained for that job.

As for this site, it could compete for the crappiest forum appearance ever, as it is about as bare bones 1990 as you can find. It had a pretty dull home page, too, when it was associated with back in Mallord's day. Mark did a better job when he bought the domain, and his forum looked better, too.

But I'm more into preserving this place than I am promoting it. QB64 needs the attention for new programmers, not QBasic. Incorporating the Discussion Forum here with QB64 has made more discussion here, and I'm glad I went ahead and did that for the forum, as I estimate it provides the few regulars left here with about twice as much QB related activity to respond to as leaving the site just about QBasic, only.

As far as moving this forum, I see it as a big task with little reward, and that's why I have not proposed moving it already. The alternative would be to create a new forum on a new server with a link back to this place as the archive, but wait, we have one, it's called QB64!

I so agree that posting code here absolutely sucks, and since N54 has very few sites that post code, I don't see them changing it for us. What I would like to see is the dashboard have the option to set formatted text OFF or ON as an option, and not just the option to include formatted text, with the default check box set to "ON." I've forgotten to turn it off twice now! When that happens, the signs get removed, along with a couple of other weird N54 problems.


Posted on Jan 8, 2011, 11:04 AM

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*"The signs" get removed? Did N54 eat your ASCII again?Artelius on Jan 9
 * Why can't people on this forum take thngs more seriously, like I do? :)Pete on Jan 9

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