Yes, improving the contrast worked 100% better...

by Pete (Login The-Universe)


However in IE6, as you stated, there are these problems:

[linked image]

It looks great in other browsers though, and I imagine in IE 7 and 8. It is centered, you used the gamma corrected background, oh, and what I really liked is that transparency of the background coming back to the original contrast around the edges, brilliant!

I also wanted to remove the previous history stuff from the site, to clean it up. I'm glad you did that, because frankly with the new design, I thought it just added unnecessary clutter.

Well done, you saved me the time of trying to center those images relative to well, center, so they would look professional in any screen resolution.

Rob, really, really consider this modification. The IE 6 issue, I don't know. If it could be fixed somehow, it would be perfect. That is the only thing keeping me from endorsing it 100%.


Posted on Jan 10, 2011, 9:17 AM

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IE6 slightly improvedArtelius on Jan 10
 Slightly is right. It is still a mess in IE6.Pete on Jan 10
  Don't MESS with my IE6 DUDE! That's all I got LEFT on my 98.IE6 lover on Jan 10
   It's IE6 that's the MESSArtelius on Jan 10
    Well "Mess" is relative. Oh, and Opera and FF both will run on a Win 98.Pete on Jan 11
     *FF up to version I don't think higher versions work on 98se.Michael Calkins on Jan 11
      * With FireFox you get what you paid for LITERALLY :-DClippy on Jan 11
       *k-meleon should work in 98seMichael Calkins on Jan 11
     *Wow, the plot thickens -- good luck, you guys!TheBOB on Jan 11
      *Michael Calkins on Jan 11
       *Yeah, sorry about that, Michael.TheBOB on Jan 11
     Might I point out...Artelius on Jan 12
      * Sorry, QB64 doesn't use pointers. You can use a statemnet though! :)Anonymous on Jan 14
  Well if Galleon does like it I can work on better IE6 compatibilityArtelius on Jan 10

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