Well "Mess" is relative. Oh, and Opera and FF both will run on a Win 98.

by Pete (Login The-Universe)


You can state IE6 is the mess, but people don't see a problem when IE6 opens to Google, now do they? But when it lands at QB64, it unfortunately makes it look like a tornado hit the home page. Hey, maybe an F5 tornado, nope, refresh didn't help, oh well.

Kidding aside, I know I have seen ways to detect browsers in javascript, which could redirect IE6 users to the older page. That's about the only solution, as IE6 is still much in use.

I long since got rid of Front Page, or I'd have a crack at it. What I suspect is that a completely different centering approach is needed to work with all browsers. All I remember is padding has problems in IE6 compared to FF and Opera. The only other idea I see is to turn those spokes into part of a really large single background image and overly the other images.


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Posted on Jan 11, 2011, 11:22 AM

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*Wow, the plot thickens -- good luck, you guys!TheBOB on Jan 11
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  *Yeah, sorry about that, Michael.TheBOB on Jan 11
Might I point out...Artelius on Jan 12
 * Sorry, QB64 doesn't use pointers. You can use a statemnet though! :)Anonymous on Jan 14

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