*Seems that flood fill is a bit buggy, I'll try and make a better one.

by Galleon (no login)

Posted on Jan 28, 2011, 6:05 AM

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OK, this is much better. No errors this time.Galleon on Jan 28
 *And then there's this... www.qb64.net/animate2.gfxGalleon on Jan 28
  lol - night golf is very difficult...TheBOB on Jan 28
   *P.S. Thanks for the floodfill routine!!TheBOB on Jan 28
    I use Windows 7 and have no issues but...Galleon on Jan 28
     I haven't had a "jumpy" mouse problem...TheBOB on Jan 29
      My 'gut instinct' is that the problem lies in when you are calling _MOUSEINPUTGalleon on Jan 29
       TEST PROGRAM #1 (any phantom mouse presses here?)Galleon on Jan 29
        No problems ...TheBOB on Jan 29
         In that case, I'm inclined to believe the problem is in your code...Galleon on Jan 29
          *Thanks, Galleon -- I'm sure you're right.TheBOB on Jan 30
           *Double post error -- ignore.TheBOB on Jan 31
           Galleon, something I should mention ...TheBOB on Jan 31
            *Noted.Galleon on Feb 1
 What exactly did you change Galleon?Clippy on Jan 28
  *I fixed the missed mouse click problems and added support for an alternate flood fillGalleon on Jan 28
  RE: Your solution Clippy...Galleon on Jan 28
   Well how do I tell when the button is still down? Not just clicked.Clippy on Jan 28
    Wahts the command called?UnseenMachine on Jan 28
    If you want the current state of the mouse, skip to the last message...Galleon on Jan 28
     So reading inside the loop doesn't give you the stateClippy on Jan 29
    RE: Well how do I tell when the button is still down?Galleon on Jan 28
     How are you coding?Unseen Machine on Jan 29

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