How are you coding?

by Unseen Machine (no login)


Galleon, i dont meen to get above my station(you made/know it, i am still learning it)but, assuming all input is handled in a main program loop, surely you need to only check for input once each loop. Then it's easy to compare mouse and keyboard states, and you never miss any VALID clicks/presses. If not, then you would surely need to allways check for input and do nothing else in the program to ensure you dont miss any events.

My idea of how it works...


Get the keyboard/mouse state
do stuff based on input
Store the keyboard/mouse state in another varible/array for comparisons next loop.

LOOP until a quit event

Using a type array to store the key/button/axis values is best in my opinion as you can then have multiple mouse/keyboard states stored. Is this way bad? It seems to work for my programs.


Posted on Jan 29, 2011, 7:54 AM

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