for gnu/linux (and probably other platforms too) qb64 can be used WITHOUT GRAPHICS MODE!

by mn64 (no login)


'license: creative commons zero 1.0 (public domain)
'1. save this to basicsh.bas
'2. compile the usual way, to basicsh
'3. sudo apt-get install xvfb # or yum for redhat
'4. $ xvfb-run ./basicsh
shell "ls /tmp"
shell "echo hello"
shell "echo qb64 is basic | espeak"
shell "read q ; echo " + chr$(34) + "$q" + chr$(34) + "> /tmp/stdin2qb64"
open "/tmp/stdin2qb64" for binary as #1 : stdin$ = input$(lof(1), #1)
close #1
stdin$ = left$(stdin$, len(stdin$) - 1) ' remove newline
outpt$ = "echo " + chr$(34) + chr$(27) + "[35m" + stdin$ + " "
outpt$ = outpt$ + chr$(27) + "[37m" + chr$(34)
shell outpt$
system 'otherwise you have to ctrl-c to end fake/virtual sdl window

Posted on Dec 4, 2012, 1:54 AM

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