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I am not sure it is real or I have good imagination..

January 6 2013 at 5:40 PM


I have been thinking this story for long time but I am not even sure it was actually written or I am mixing other stories or it is just my imagination. Kind of vague details but hope someone remembers.

Mulder and alex in relationship. the details are kind of vague and I might be mixing 2 story.they both have alien in them sort of hybrid. they sneak on the align ship and try to hide from the bounty hunter and I think their might have been some good align there as captive. Mulder got captured so alex and others can hide.

mulder was having sex with bounty hunter and when he could, mulder would bring food and stuff to alex when he could and one of the align told mulder and alex that they don't have much time because mulder was addicted to the bounty hunter's semen and soon he won't be able to be away from the hunter any longer and he would say and do anything to have that semen in him just like any drug addict would do. Mulder didn't believed what was told to him but when they finally subdue the bounty hunter and took over the ship, alex and rest of align had to lock mulder in because he was going crazy to reach the bounty hunter.

I think they went to align's planet and they came back to earth and they were not aged at all. Somehow they were able to have kid. they had 2 or 3. I think they were having trouble can't remember exactly what. It could be mulder cheating alex (or misunderstanding that was led to believe mulder was cheating) because I remember alex left mulder and went to the align's planet. it took sometime for alex to come back. I think he wasn't going to come back to mulder but mulder somehow convinced the align(could friend or family)to help mulder got to that planet. Alex wasn't going to forgive mulder and there some kind of competition from other align regard to alex. anyway, they made up and come back to earth. I was thinking it was Alea Rose's story Inextricable Relationships 1 -4, Atlantis Revealed 1-2 but since I couldn't find that story I am not sure. Does any of this ring a bell?

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