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And what about Guus Winckel?

November 21 2010 at 10:45 PM
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Hmm, let's not forget about Guus Winckel when discussing the shooting down of a zero at Broome on March 3 1942. Below a copy from but there are many other instances where Guus spoke about his experiences:

"Guus Winckel played his part in history when sunny Broome came under an unexpected attack by a Japanese bomber in 1942.

GUY NOBLE: Earlier in the series, we marked the 60th anniversary of the bombing of Darwin. It's a little-known fact that another of our northern towns was also bombed by the Japanese during the Second World War. David Batty, a film-maker based in the Kimberley, and creator of the 'Bush Mechanics' program, brings us the story of the bombing of Broome.

GUS WINCKEL, EX-FLIGHT LIEUTENANT, DUTCH AIR FORCE: My name is Gus Winckel of the Dutch Air Force. I'm standing on the point here where all the shooting down of the flying boats happened 60 years ago. How peaceful it is now.

DAVID BATTY: from Java to Perth. He landed at Broome Airport to refuel unaware of the dramatic turn of events about to unfold.

GUS WINCKEL: So I landed there and I was taxiing to the place to have it refuelled, and after a seven-and-a-half-hour flight from Bandung to Broome, I was standing in the doorway looking at the distance and I was just having a stretch, you know, and I saw some steps on the horizon. And I said to the fellow who was going to refuel the plane, I said, "Listen, is the RAAF flying today?" And he said, "No." So, uh -- I said, "Well, sound the alarm. The Japs are coming."

DAVID BATTY: A force of nine Zeros had left their base in Japanese-occupied Kupang, now a part of Indonesia, under the command of Lieutenant Zenziro Miyano. They had been ordered to attack military targets in Broome. This long-range mission was made possible only with specially-fitted, extra fuel tanks.

GUS WINCKEL: And then I had time, of course, to go into the plane and take a Colt machine gun out of the bracket, and I waited for the things to come. They were just like a field day, you know. They were just playing and playing, the planes, just at will, you know. Just, it was -- And one of them, that was that Sergeant Kudo, he came a bit too close. See? Very very close. You can see his face in -- in the plane, you know, so low he was. So, and I couldn't miss him. So I had the gun on my shoulder and had the barrel in my hand. And I had my hand on the trigger. And we got a sighting device on the top. So I just -- when he came along, I just go -- brrrrrr. Just like that. So it put quite a few bullets in him too. Then he flew on, flew on, and made a big turn, and then, later on, he crashed in the sea. And he disappeared. So, luckily, all his concentration was on the plane, not on me. And I was standing about five or six metres on the side of that. You know, here you are, see. He was a good shot and he got that aircraft. He wasn't aiming at me, but I was aiming at him. When I looked at my plane, and I was very angry. 'Cause that plane, you know, I'd flown 600 hours in three months with. It was like my mother, my sister, everything. It was a beautiful plane, you know. You get attached to something like that. And he destroyed it, just like that.

DAVID BATTY: The unsuspecting town was devastated by continued strafing attacks on Australian, Dutch and American planes at the airport and 15 flying boats anchored in Roebuck Bay. All the flying boats were destroyed, along with six large land planes. All in all, some 100 people lost their lives, many of whom were innocent women and children.

GUS WINCKEL: I am the only one who ever put down -- shot down an attacking Japanese plane from the ground. I did not get any decoration from this affair in Broome, but the only thing is, of course, they remember me with a nice street in Broome called Winckel Court and it's a very nice street. There you are. Thank you."

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