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March 10 2012 at 11:45 AM
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Jacques  (no login)

Response to Re: O3U Corsairs


Strange, Navsource pictures always came up fine on my side - must be the superior technology we have in Africa! I'll follow your advice in future.

"I think you meant "to be later replaced with O2Us again," as we don't yet have evidence that Milwaukee (CL 5) got OJ-2s (though see below). Anyway, time will tell if other Omaha class CLs got O3U-1s, or if just a one-time fluke as you suggest."

No, I did mean OJ-2s replaced the O3Us-1s carried by MILWAUKEE and I see that you are inclined to agree with me when you say in your closing paragraph that you are "more and more convinced that the O3U-1 Corsairs aboard Milwaukee were replaced by Berliner-Joyce OJ-2s..."

My reasoning is that a definite decision must have been made somewhere along the line to equip ALL 10 OMAHAs with Berliner Joyce OJ-2s which the Navy ordered into production in March 1932, specifically for use aboard the OMAHAs, after the XOJ-2 won the competition against Keystone's XOK-1. Otherwise what would have been the point of the 3-year process to which the OJ-2 owes its existence? In my opinion the O3U-1s were short term, though it's going to be very tough to prove.

It is strange that the Navy switched to a different manufacturer and did not consider Vought, with all their experience and proven qualities of the Corsair family. Something else just occurred to me - did Vought with their upgrade of their O3U series to -3 spec, copy the remarkably similar-looking vertical stabiliser of the OJ-2?

About the "chunky body float biplanes, with open cockpits" - As much as I would love to agree with you, helaas nee, I honestly cannot say.

Go to

where you will find a picture series of Navy Scouting Squadron 6's OJ-2, 6-S-1 being landed on CONCORD (CL-10) after taking a swim and 6-S-2 being catapulted from CONCORD. You'll recall the shots of the two O3U-1s from MILWAUKEE, the one in picture being 6-S-3 and the one behind possibly 6-S-4. OK, nothing concrete yet because we don't have the dates when these pics were taken but can you see what I'm getting at?

With reference to PENNSYLVANIA's floatplanes, I'm now more interested to know how detachments of Navy scouting and observation were rotated aboard cruisers and battleships, how they were trained and how planes were allocated. Some ambiguity in what I said, I now realise but what's clear is that BB-38 still had her O3U-3s in 1936 and received her SOCs between then and July 1939. I was hinting at the possibility of PENNSYLVANIA's detachment from OV-2, going off for training on a new type of floatplane (SOC) to be relieved by a detachment from VO-1, still flying the old Voughts. How else would you explain, (in 1936) the appearance of another squadron aboard BB-38?

Now I'm off for a braai (barbeque)and beer and watch our boys thrash those Kiwis and Aussies!(Super 15 Rugby) It's a beautiful day here.



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