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snippets, both clear and not so

March 4 2015 at 9:21 PM
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Response to Mere snippets


> Note: On the same site is some information on armoured vehicles built locally during the early 30s which, at the outbreak of war were found to be unsuitable "due to age of cars". >

Likely intimating the age-old problem with lightly armored wheeled vehicles discussed more than once in this forum: speed vs power vs armor vs off-road mobility, all of which were tres difficult to combine suitably in one armored car. Whereas the armored car should be fleet—whether part of the advance unit or the rear guard—in order to get out of trouble pronto, at the same time it must have sufficient power and good cross-country mobility in order to do its job in keeping an eye on hostile forces. And often these cars were so lightly armored that one might just as well not have bothered (the otherwise versatile Jeep usually had none whatsoever), but piling on more armor plate diminished speed and agility, and increased the need for additional power. Methinks the aged cars in question lacked sufficient speed or power or armor protection or off-road ability, or just maybe all of the above.

> [from February 24, 2015] Another snippet from the history of the 3rd Cavalry, "The Indian and Pakistani Armies 1903–1991" by John Gaylor, pg. 65: "...they (3rd Cavalry) arrived in Penang on the 28 Nov 41, a week before the Japanese invasion. Singapore ordnance depot issued thirty Marmon-Herrington armoured cars on the 8th December..." >

Given that the second sentence quoted is offered in incomplete form, the reader is missing information, but as it stands, the ambiguity fails to support the notion that 3rd Indian Cavalry received all of those 30 Marmon-Herrington armored cars (despite my having interpreted the statement that way originally). That number is quite large, given the numbers provided other units. The allocation took place on the same day, December 8, 1941, likely obviating the replacement of the 13 cars demolished or badly damaged by the inexperienced drivers of 3rd Cavalry. So, me dubious.

Nine years ago, in the Overvalwagen Forum, you wrote:

> To my knowledge, there are only three pictures showing Marmon-Herrington armoured cars in Malaya or Singapore in 1941-42, all available at the IWM (or Tank Museum or AWM for one): two showing vehicles in a park before being issued, one overturned at the place where several Japanese light tanks were destroyed by Australian AT guns. Unfortunately, the unit of this one is unknown. >

Two of the images are indeed well known: one is of 15 or so armored cars of this type standing side-by-side in a long row in some supply depot (Kuala Lumpur? Singapore?); the other is of the single vehicle, likely belonging to 2nd Loyals, tipped on its side on the Muar-Bakri road on January 18, 1942, the circumstances of how it got that way currently not clear. I have surfed the web, using both common designations for these armored cars, but cannot find such a third image. If you do have that third image, can you post it here? And if so, thanx! To repeat for convenient (re)viewing by everyone else, here are the two photos under discussion.

[linked image]

[linked image]


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