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No, nothing.

June 13 2015 at 9:03 AM
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Jacques  (no login)

Response to A question that, HOPEFULLY, someone will answer this time. ;-)

KD, there is nothing in Meijer's statement about the peaks of Bali or planes overhead. There has been much discussion about AUGUSTINA on this forum going back to 2008 and I cannot offer anything new but for your benefit I've translated Meijer's statement into English.( I'm confident that I have it quite accurate although our Dutch friends might not agree!) Here goes:

Extraordinary Ship's Declaration

On this day, Fourth October nineteen-hundred and forty-five, in front of Hendrik Bos, Consul-General of the Netherlands, at Manila, appeared LOUIS MEIJER, third engineer of the Dutch steam tanker "AUGUSTINA", size.....M3 gross, property belonging to N.V. Netherlands Indies Steam Tanker Company with homeport, s' Gravenhage, this I wish to make known as required by article 353 second part, of the Mercantile Law and declare as follows:

Departed Batavia on 27 February 1942 in ballast with Australia as destination. At around 4pm on 1 March 1942 a vessel was observed on the horizon. It appeared after some time to be a Japanese destroyer, which fired two shots across the bow to force us to stop.

Upon this, the captain Moerman, ordered the ship to be readied for scuttling, whereupon all tank cocks were opened and in the engine room, the sea cocks were damaged and the boiler was placed on springs (?? - don't understand the term). Upon this the whole crew received the order to proceed to the lifeboats.

I was placed in the boat with the captain, along with the chief engineer Van der Werwe, the 2nd mate, the radio officer and the assistant engineer. The destroyer signalled that we were to come alongside, which we did. The chief mate's boat was fetched by a motor boat.

The captain and the chief engineer had to go aboard and were taken back to the Augustina where everything had to be sealed again. After a while both returned to the boat. In the mean time, the Japanese had taken everything from the boat, like the charts, the E.H.B.O. chest, (?) food and drinking water.

The destroyer started steaming up with both boats alongside. Our boat to port and the chief mate’s boat to starboard.

The captain informed us that on the order of the Japanese commanding officer, we could go away.

In the meantime a machine gun and two "tommy guns" were set up on the deck of the destroyer.

At 1800 as darkness fell, the boats were released and we were motioned to row away. We were scarcely 5 meters away from the destroyer, which had stopped in the meantime, when we were fired on. Thereupon most of us jumped overboard. When our boat finally drifted against the destroyer, a Japanese armed with a "tommy gun" jumped into the boat. When I saw this I decided to dive and swim away under water. When I came up for the first time I was immediately shot at, however after the second time not again and I then swam away still further. I still heard shooting.

After a while the destroyer started sailing and disappeared. I did not see any boats or other persons in the water anymore.

The Augustina was still drifting and I decided to swim to the ship. Close by, the Japanese destroyer appeared briefly on the starboard side. Fortunately it disappeared quickly and I could go on board.
The work boat was still hanging from the davits, which I then released and found myself therein. The clock in the mess stood at 1 o'clock.

I still saw the Augustina drifting on the horizon till Tuesday morning 3 March 1942.

On the night of 3 and 4 March 1942, I was picked up by another Japanese destroyer.

To the commanding officer of the ship, I told a fictional tale, namely that I was sick. I woke up when water flowed into my bed; that I then noticed that the lifeboats and all aboard disappeared and that I not really knew what had become of the Augustina and her crew. The story was believed whereupon I was brought to Macassar and locked up in the prison. On 15 October 1942, I was placed on a transport to Japan, where as prisoner of war I was kept in Fukuoka No.2 camp until I was liberated on 12 September 1945.

Because of my stay in prisoner-of-war captivity it was not possible to make an earlier declaration before a capable Netherlands authority.

Furthermore do I declare that the above, through my done statement completely compares with the truth.
After reading the above and having compared the statement with me, Hendrik Bos, Consul-General of the Netherlands, we co-undersign.

(was signed) Louis Meijer

(was signed) Hendrik Bos

For same copy
Manila, 4 October 1945
The Consul-General

Hope this helps.



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  • A very big THANKYOU Jacques; so I wonder………. - KevinD on Jun 14, 2015, 12:41 PM
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