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Re: Who then (at least presumptively)?

June 23 2015 at 10:53 PM
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Response to Who then (at least presumptively)?


Am starting below at unanswered questions from earlier posts of yours and moving down the page to the most recent. You will find some points you covered in your most recent post below (as had already written this before I saw most recent) so I wont revisit them.

>>>>>>>I believe you’re right, and I suggest that unless there was an early detachment from the Western Java invasion force, we can eliminate any warship from that force, viz., Harukaze, her sister Hatakaze (both Kamikaze class), Hatsuyuki (Fubuki class), the four Mutsukis, and minesweeper W-5.<<<<<<


>>>>>>>Why I seriously considered warships from this invasion force over those from the Eastern Java invasion force, I can only now ponder. In fact, shouldn’t we be looking first and foremost at one of the five DDs involved in the sinking of Exeter and her two escorts for the most obvious candidate, simply on the basis of (close) proximity? <<<<<<<

As per my previous, I think not.

>>>>>> (B) Any DDs in the Eastern Java invasion force beginning with the letter H in romaji, solely on the basis of Harukaze being fingered as the culprit (why originally I don’t know). First, let me recommend this site<<<<<<<

Nice site, but a few mistakes. I have contacted them re same, let’s see what transpires.

>>>>>>And, yes, I remember well the information provided in this forum back in February 2008 that that small tanker was scuttled in or very near Soerabaja, so the merchant ship which sank at the coordinates specified may still be uncertain in identity.<<<<<<<

Yes, I do recall now a photo posted showing Kasuaris (or a ship very like Kasuaris) at Surabaya. So although I said in previous that it was Kasuaris that Ikazuchi intercepted, it may not have been.

>>>>>Whatever the mix-up between Ikazuchi and Inazuma, it is clear that both DDs were actively engaged in the rescue efforts, and on a large scale.<<<<<<

The IJN battle map of that day shows four DD’s with the four cruisers, and it 'seems' that the ‘mix-up’ in Allied / English speaking accounts at least comes partly (or fully) from the similar - but hard to read on map - Jap writing for Ikazuchi and Inazuma.

>>>>>>>IF Yamakaze did carry survivors, then all Japanese DDs at Second Java Sea but Akebono were involved in such a task, and thus may be, for the moment, considered less than strong candidates for being the culprit, with Ikazuchi and Inazuma for all intents ruled out. My first question then: Did you look at Akebono as the culprit?<<<<<<<<

As per previous, yes, but………….............. as you point out she is the only one not involved with rescuing survivors. But should that ‘place’ any guilt on her or make her a/the suspect? Without further evidence I would say no.

>>>>>Only because of that romaji H, I would add Harusame (Shiratsuyu class) and Hatsukaze (Kagero class) from the Eastern Java invasion force. Of some interest, in March 1942, the latter DD stayed on to carry out ASW duties in the Java Sea (TROM), and Jan brought her name up seven years ago regarding this matter.<<<<<<

Interesting, will look back into that.

>>>>>>What were the Japanese DDs you and your colleague looked at in the past and thereupon ruled out? Did they include Akebono, Hatsukaze and Harusame?<<<<<<<

Again, as stated in previous, I unfortunately no longer have the info from those exchanges due to a computer crash, and am still waiting on feedback from said colleague. But am pretty sure it would have included Akebono, not sure of others.


>>>>>>I don’t own and haven’t read the Edwards book. Doesn’t he provide any info in an endnote or such where his belief in the proximity to Bali—or as you have posited, Bawean Island—originated? <<<<<<


>>>>>>>Being that Augustina was a spectator to an aerial assault just over the horizon, almost certainly on an Allied warship, and then likely on USS Pope<<<<<<<

I don't think it was Pope that she 'witnessed' being bombed (although I once thought it was/may have been).

>>>>>>>The other DDs were Fubuki class Akebono and Shiratsuyu class Kawakaze and Yamakaze. Were any of them detached as flankers or even to roam more or less freely?<<<<<<<<


> If so what is the smallest rapid firing weapon in SNLF or IJN hands at the time? >
>>>>>>>>I think you mean automatic-firing weapon.<<<<<

You ‘thinks’ correct.


>>>>>>>Are we left essentially with fleet escorts from the Eastern Java invasion force or are we back at Square One??<<<<<<<<

As for me it's basically Square One, but lets see what my colleague says when he replies. Anyway, hope I answered all you questions, or at least as best as I myslef could. Note now though that I will have only intermittent (or no) email connections over next few days / week as am on the road with my son, so pardon any delays in replies from now on.

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