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two WHY questions

June 24 2015 at 1:48 AM
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Response to Re: Who then (at least presumptively)?


I wrote, “In fact, shouldn’t we be looking first and foremost at one of the five DDs involved in the sinking of Exeter and her two escorts for the most obvious candidate, simply on the basis of (close) proximity?”

You replied, “As per my previous, I think not.”

But in your previous, you wrote only, “No, not the four DD's present that day, nor Ikazuchi.” Nowhere do you explain WHY you’re excluding one or more of those DDs. I understand your excluding Ikazuchi and Inazuma, because they picked up and carried to safety so many survivors. The same thing may obtain with Kawakaze and Yamakaze, although they carried far fewer survivors. And there may have been some transfers, e.g., the DD that picked up Augustina’s 3rd Engineer, L. Meijer, transferred him to Inazuma—not so specified, but that’s where he found Pope’s survivors.

“ you point out [Akebono] is the only one not involved with rescuing survivors. But should that ‘place’ any guilt on her or make her a/the suspect? Without further evidence I would say no.”

It’s not simply that she was not involved in rescuing survivors; it’s that factor coupled with her proximity. And no one is finding her guilty, but IMO she should still be a candidate. Pray tell me why, in your opinion, she should be entirely ruled out.

“I don’t think it was Pope that she ‘witnessed’ being bombed (although I once thought it was/may have been).”

Again, WHY change your mind? Clearly these two questions are closely tied in IF Augustina and Pope were reasonably close by (i.e., just over the horizon, close enuff to see the waterspouts from the bomb explosions). Otherwise put, WHO ELSE was being bombed in that area of the Java Sea, particularly by the mixture of carrier-based and float planes reported by the American DD’s commanding officer? Me not convinced about this one.


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