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F.22768 11th Hussars

February 13 2018 at 11:28 AM
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Response to Lanchester 6x4 armoured car and Vickers LMG(?) in Malaya


All the models are very well made and painted. I think all are 1.35th scale.

Ref: your post of 11 February 2018

There are photographs of Marmon Herrington MK II Armoured Car F.22768 of The New Zealand Divisional Cavalry Regiment in Egypt before the Division embarked for Greece. F.22768 belonged to 1 Troop B Squadron New Zealand Divisional Cavalry Regiment. The Regiment was mostly in position by 21 March 1941, and fought the German invasion from 6 April, until what remained of the majority of the remaining Marmon Herrington MK II Armoured Cars were abandoned, placed out of service at Rafina, and the majority of the remaining members of the Regiment were taken off Greece on 25 and 27 April 1941.

Then your latest post-

As for the red caps. I feel you will find these belonged to the 'Cherrypickers', The 11th Hussars which in the initial campaigns were the Reconnaissance Regiment of The 7th Armoured Division in Egypt and Libya 1940 - 1941. They wore a brown beret with a cherry band around the base of the beret. Many modelers show their 11th Hussar model figures with maroon berets.

During the initial skirmishes on the Libyan Frontier between the frontier wire and the Italian forts and including the Compass Operation they were issued with Morris CS 9 Armoured Cars, Rolls Royce Armoured Cars (possibly some 1920 models, however mainly 1924 models) and during Compass they had a 4th squadron of Fordson Armoured Cars. Some time after that with these either worn out or destroyed (or in the case of Fordsons, a long journey to a distant campaign) they were issued with Marmon Herrington MK II Armoured Cars.

The 1st Kings Dragoon Guards who arrived in Egypt as 2nd Armoured Division reconnaissance Regiment and equipped with Light Tank MK VI varieties swapped them for Marmon Herrington MK II Armoured Cars, them being the first British Commonwealth or Empire troops to be equipped with Marmon Herrington MK II Armoured Cars in North Africa, and some fought with The 9th Australian Infantry Division in the Siege of Tobruk 1941. There are photographs of these inside the Tobruk perimeter in Caunter Camouflage, rocks piled around the vehicles, and one with a captured Italian Breda 35 20mm AA Gun.

The 3rd King's Own Hussars arrived in Egypt as part of the Apology Convoy with 7 RTR and 2 RTR and were equipped mainly with Light Tanks MK VI B although they swapped some personnel and tanks with 2 RTR (to give them some cruiser tanks) for the Compass Operation. Organization wise for the Compass Operation, they were part of 4th Armoured Brigade and carried the Arm of Service Number 26 White on a Red square. They were then transferred to 3rd Armoured Brigade 2nd Armoured Division. This Brigade disintegrated before The 5th Light Panzer Division and some members of 3rd Hussars managed to reach the safety of the Tobruk fortress before it was besieged on 10 April 1941. Along with members of 5 RTR and 6 RTR the Australians issued them with British tanks that were in the Tobruk workshops and along with Cruiser Tanks MK IV 11 A of 1 RTR from 7th Armoured Division that were rushed from Egypt to Tobruk just before the siege began, formed the fortress armoured reserve in the initial failed attempted Afrika Korps break-ins. I don't think you will find they were armed with Marmon Herrington MK II Armoured Cars

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