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Rumsfeld's book is awesome

June 9 2012 at 11:20 AM
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Rumsfeld gives you the inside story. I am reading his book starting at Afghanistan and will wrap back to get more of his background.

So far he has confirmed what I have said about Afghanistan.

1. No actual Bin Laden sightings confirmed.

2. I knew they bombed the crap out of Tora Bora with enormous bombs but I either forgot or did not realize the bombs started falling there immediately upon the start of war. There is no way Bin Laden would head to Tora Bora given the way the B-52s were bombing the living hell out of that turf.

3. Rumsfeld says troops went in about two weeks into the war and several hundred in all went in. The majority of the troops were there to act as guides for the Afghan forces, to target places easier to bomb than to attack in force. The troops inserted were spread all over with the war lords. So they were not some invading force. Matter of fact, Rumsfeld also stated as did Bush and Franks that the idea was to assist the Afghans to keep their face on the war so our country would not look like an invader. We learned from Soviet mistakes.

4. Rumsfeld started in Iraq by talking of the 1991 war where we made many mistakes.

a. we jerked off the Iraqis telling them to overthrow Saddam but allowing Saddam to use helicopter gunships allowed by Gen. Schwartzkop the Democrats war hero, which was a major blunder.

b. The inept war started fine but fizzled out. Bush 41 should have helped those people overthrow Saddam. Saddam took revenge big time. He made what is going on in Syria look like a picnic. He killed tens of thousands of Iraqis. He drained the marsh so the Sand Iraqis could not live there safely. He gassed Kurds.

c. We got attacked by Saddam over 2000 times from the time Bush was sworn in till he sent troops to finish the job.

d. When Rummy interviewed for his job, not once did Bush 43 speak of Iraq. It was not on his mind. This myth of revenge over his daddy has to stop at some point. There is not a comma of truth that Bush 43 invaded due to revenge.

e. Rumsfeld made crystal clear that the intelligence from George Tenet was what was relied on. I had said other nations also persisted in saying Saddam HAS WMD. France said it and that was new to me. Matter of fact those claiming he had WMD were the who -whos of the world. We did not figure that out on our own. Given the intelligence reports he has in his book, no wonder Saddam was invaded.

f. As I had said, Bush's aim was to drive out Saddam using diplomacy or at least let Saddam see force on his border hoping that would give him impetetus to bail out. Saddam was stubborn to his hanging.

g. The way Bush 41 handled his war, Saddam felt as if the USA was chicken shit and afraid to enter Iraq.That mistake cost him his life.

h. Rumsfeld speaks of the letter he signed urging Clinton to get Saddam out. But not in the vein that he was some so called neo-con. Rumsfeld made the case that he or Bush did not want war. He also speaks of blunders by the esteemed Colin Powell and this does not include the report given at the UN. Powell as it turns out is too damned timid to command.

i. Franks did not have nearly enough troops available to him to mount another 91 style war. 80 percent of the war materials sent by Bush 41 had to be returned to America. Franks also had a much more experienced military to use. Franks was a genius the way he brought together all military forces so they worked in harmony. Past commanders did not use them the way Franks did. A soldier in the area of the attack had full ability to direct the pilots to targets. The CIA was very involved. Franks made excellent use of special forces. Franks had our various forces working as a team rather than some of them hunting for glory.

J. Bush and Rumsfeld did not micromanage Franks war. Franks always was told that no matter what he did, he was backed to the hilt by the Admin. If Franks wanted more troops, the Bush admin would move heaven and earth trying to find troops to send. It may have meant stripping Korea bare of troops for example. This Franks did not want to do. Franks past experience had him the General in charge over Korea so he knew that problem very well. Franks per Rummy was very hard charging and a man of blunt words.

Well, read the book. Known and Unknown by Rumsfeld is not a short book. You are looking at over 800 pages so you get a lot of detail.

I really like the mans book. Not only do you get tons of facts, he writes in a very easy style. I enjoy reading his book.

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