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Card Counting

June 9 2012 at 11:33 AM
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KeithDB  (Login KeithDB)
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"Card counting" is against the rules in Vegas and they will kick you out if they catch you. I have always found that perplexing, as it just seems to me to be playing smart. I have always wondered how it works, and today (on NPR of all things) I heard a report that explained it and how easy it is, at least for blackjack.

In blackjack any card with a ten count (10, J, Q, K) and aces are high value cards. If there are a lot of these available you want to increase your betting. If there are only a few available you want to decrease your betting.

So, just count the cards that you see get played and start at zero. When any card with a value of 10 or an ace is played, credit -1. When any other card gets played credit +1. Then just keep a running total. If the total gets to about 6-8 that means a lot of these high value cards are disproportionately available (increasing your chances of getting them) and you should dramatically increase your betting, they said by up to five fold. If the total gets well into the negatives, that means that means these high value cards are comparatively rare in the deck and you should decrease your betting.

In some cases two or more people will play as a team to make it harder for the casino spies to catch them. In that version Person A will start the game and count the cards. When the count reaches a favorable high Person A will then signal a partner who will join the game. Person A will continue betting in the same pattern as before while the partner will come in betting high. From the perspective of even close watching casino spies the partner is just a higher better who happened into the game at this time.

"The world is a mess and I just need to rule it." --Dr. Horrible.

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